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Truck Accident Lawyers in Spokane

If you’re in an accident with a semi-truck, you need to contact the top Spokane truck accident lawyers. Never accept a settlement from an insurance company without a thorough, professional review of your case.

Our highly qualified Spokane truck accident attorneys examine the details of truck accident cases at no cost.

Semi-trucks, cargo trucks, and commercial trucks are significantly heavier and larger than passenger vehicles. The results are often disastrous when they collide with a car or motorcycle.

The chances of someone walking away unharmed from the crash are incredibly low. Truck accident victims should contact us immediately for a free and confidential case evaluation.

Big rigs are easy to spot. They’ve got intrusive horns and take up the entire road. As a result, it should be easy to spot a semi-truck roaring up behind you in the rear-view mirror. Unfortunately, truck accident statistics say otherwise.

What Causes Most Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. While this is true, there are some issues that commonly cause these collisions. These include the following:

Driver Error

Driver error is up to ten times more likely to be the cause of an accident than any other factor. Examples of driver error include:

  • The driver fell asleep behind the wheel, was disabled by a medical situation, or was physically impaired for another reason.
  • The driver panicked and overcompensated, or they did not exercise safe directional control.
  • The driver was going too fast for the conditions, followed other vehicles too closely, or misjudged the speed of the other vehicles on the road.
  • The driver was not paying attention or distracted by something inside or outside the vehicle.
  • The driver did not observe the situation and understand what was going on, causing them to make the wrong move in traffic.

Inadequate Driver Training

If driver error is the leading cause of truck accidents, it makes sense that increased driver training is needed. Besides driver error, there are other factors that have shown a need for improved driver training.

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It is estimated that in the next three decades, trucks will carry 40% more freight than they do currently. This increased volume, combined with an ongoing driver shortage, is putting more stress on trucking companies. As a result, they are hiring younger, inexperienced drivers.

Equipment Failure

Drivers are only as safe as the trucks they operate. If a mechanical breakdown occurs, it can cause a catastrophic accident. According to one study, over half of the truck accidents that occurred and involved an injury occurred with a truck that had one or more mechanical failures.

Common equipment failures that lead to truck accidents include:

  • Part manufacturing defects
  • Poorly maintained or faulty brakes
  • Transmission failure
  • Worn or improperly inflated tires
  • Unbalanced cargo
  • Missing or defective safety equipment like underride rails
  • Overall poor maintenance
  • Defective lights or turn signals

While there are laws requiring pre-trip inspections, they are not always conducted properly. This puts drivers and others at risk of an accident.

Skewed Trucking Company Priorities

Sometimes, a trucking company’s commitment to meeting its client’s needs and deadlines results in unrealistic schedules, driver fatigue, and improper loading. All these things increase the risk of an accident.

 Substance Abuse

When truck drivers use drugs or alcohol, it increases the risk of an accident. Unfortunately, the accidents that occur are much more serious and deadly than those between passenger vehicles.

Who Can Be Held Liable in a Spokane Truck Accident?

Determining who is at fault for a truck accident requires knowledge of all the parties involved in the operation of a commercial vehicle. Our experienced attorneys understand each party’s role and how to determine who is at fault. It is also important to note that more than one party may be considered liable.

Some of the parties who may be responsible for a truck accident include:

Truck Drivers

While obvious, the truck driver is most often the at-fault party for an accident. The driver is responsible for ensuring they operate their commercial trucks safely.

Safe operation of commercial trucks includes proper maintenance and inspections of the vehicle. A driver is also responsible for ensuring that cargo is properly and safely loaded. If these duties are not handled properly, then the driver may be considered liable for an accident.

Drivers may also be held liable for a truck accident if they are driving while fatigued, under the influence, distracted, or violating traffic laws.

Trucking Companies

The trucking company has unique responsibilities separate from the driver. They must ensure drivers are properly trained and qualified to operate large commercial vehicles.

Additionally, trucking companies need processes in place to ensure drivers are adhering to the rules and regulations set by the state and federal governments.

If the driver operates a company owned truck (rather than one that belongs to them), maintenance issues could be the fault of the company. The most common issues that result in a trucking company being liable for an accident include setting overdemanding schedules for drivers, improper inspections, and cutting corners.

The Proof Is In Our Case Results Over $500 MILLION recovered for our clients. Let us help YOU! Call 24/7 for your FREE injury consultation. 206-298-9900

Cargo Owners

Many trucking companies are contractors for someone else. In these situations, the company that owns the cargo loads the truck. This would make the cargo owner liable for an accident if it occurred because the cargo was loaded improperly and led to an accident.

Parts or Truck Manufacturers

If a component on a truck fails and causes an accident, the truck manufacturer may be considered at fault. The most common defects include tire blowouts, faulty steering columns, and brake failures. If these issues occur, the failing part or component manufacturer may be considered liable for the accident.

Truck Maintenance Companies

The maintenance company works to maintain trucks. Their job is critical to ensure it continues to operate safely. Sometimes, truck owners are unaware if a company fixed a damaged truck properly. If shoddy maintenance work results in an accident, the maintenance company may be considered liable.

How We Can Help with Your Truck Accident Claim

Bernard Law Group is ready to fight for your legal rights. Our experienced semi-truck accident attorneys know how to build a strong case and secure maximum compensation.

Many personal injury lawyers don’t take truck accident cases because they think litigation is too difficult. However, we’re willing to do anything necessary to stand up for victims’ rights. Our attorneys are not afraid to use their vast experience and resources.

In doing so, Bernard Law Group handles all types of personal injury cases. Truck accident claims are no exception.

Our Spokane truck accident attorneys carry out a thorough investigation of the accident. Our accident inspection experts give great attention to the truck’s post-accident condition.

They take all damages incurred as a result of the crash into account. In addition to reviewing physical and financial damages, our experts always consider mental and emotional distress.

Bernard Law Group: Over 30 Years of Excellence

Clients receive substantial compensation when they secure the help of Bernard Law Group. Our long history of winning personal injury cases works to their advantage during truck accident claims. Our credentials are impeccable.

In addition to our outstanding success rate, we have secured over half a billion dollars for our clients. Every second counts because insurance and trucking companies do not rest. Contact us before any more time passes!

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Over $500 Million recovered for our past clients. Let us help YOU! Call 24/7 for your FREE injury consultation. 206-298-9900

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