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The attorneys at Seattle’s Bernard Law Group are rated superb by AVVO, the gold standard of attorney ratings. Additionally, you can find our top-rated Seattle personal injury lawyers listed in Super Lawyers of America.

Our personal injury law firm is recognized for record breaking success. We’re responsible for some of the largest personal injury settlements and car accident case results in Washington’s history.

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Our Practice Areas

Personal Injury

At these moments, it’s vital that you have a personal injury lawyer on your side who can fight back against the negligent parties and get you the compensation that you deserve.
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Car Accident

Auto accidents can cause irreparable changes to our lives. In many cases, injuries require months or even years of treatment.
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Motorcycle Accident

While it may seem obvious, it is worth restating. Anyone riding a motorcycle is vulnerable to injuries if they are involved in an accident.
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Truck Accident

You need experienced truck accident lawyers you can trust after a semi-truck accident. Let us help you!
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Nursing Home Abuse

Putting your trust in a nursing home to care for a loved one can be a difficult decision.
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Dog Bite

Bernard Law Group’s expert dog accident lawyers have been helping dog injury victims like you for over 30 years.
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Washington is our home. This is where we grew up and raised our kids. And where we make a living. That’s why we take a great deal of pride in giving back to the community through charitable programs for children and those affected by life changing injuries. Because the proper measure of a company’s worth doesn’t simply come down to how much money it makes. But how much it gives back.

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Kirk Bernard

Kirk Bernard - Founding Attorney

Founder & Award-Winning Personal Injury Lawyer

Kirk Bernard has been a civil litigator in Washington & California for over 30 years, specializing in personal injury cases representing accident victims. For the past 39 years, Kirk has not stopped giving everything he has in the pursuit of justice.

Kirk Bernard received his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Following graduation from Law School in 1981, Kirk quickly became a licensed personal injury attorney. Since then, he has dedicated himself to serving his community by giving victims a chance to fight back.

Seattle's Top Auto Accident Law Firm

Seattle Car Accident Attorney Offering Free Consultations!

Seeking help after an accident should not cost you money. That’s why Bernard Law Groups’ Seattle Car Accident Lawyers will review your case for free.

Free consultations give you a chance to understand your rights and know where you stand. Our experienced lawyers assess your crash claim and give you a road map for moving forward.

We’ll go over the details of your car accident and discuss your options. All you need to do is contact us and tell us what happened so we can help.

After your consultation, you’ll know if you have a car accident claim. You’ll know that the best car accident lawyers in Seattle are on your side. No risk. No obligation. Just helpful information and clarity.

Seattle Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Ready To Help!

Being a responsible motorcyclist prevents a lot of accidents. However, sometimes other drivers fail to obey the law and properly share the roadways. This puts motorcyclists in a bad situation.

Fortunately, proper protective gear and riding skills can turn a fatal situation into a survivable crash. Injuries and damage, however, are virtually unavoidable in most motorcycle crashes.

Our Seattle Motorcycle Accident Lawyers are ready to help get you on the road to recovery. We’re also here to help if you’ve lost a loved one in motorcycle crash.

Our experienced attorneys are sensitive to the healing process while pursuing justice, recovering damages, and securing compensation for our clients.

Seattle Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers Available 24/7!

Semi-Trucks are on the road 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Truck accidents can happen at any time. That’s why our Seattle Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers are available around the clock.

Due to their size, Semi-Trucks can cause extensive injuries and damage. After truck accidents, victims need to know that there is someone on their side.

Unlike most passenger vehicle or motorcycle accidents, semi-truck accidents often have added levels of difficulty resulting from the ownership of the truck and its cargo. There are many parties that could be at-fault and held accountable.

The sooner you contact us, the faster we can help. We’re available 24/7!

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Can an Attorney Help Me?

Victims of personal injury accidents suffer tremendous personal pain. This leads to a great deal of anxiety associated with their injuries and loss of work, wages, and enjoyment of life. Oftentimes, victims wonder if their case is valid or even worth pursuing.

These doubts, coupled with their pain, can lead to confusion and stress. This is why seeking the advice of a trustworthy personal injury attorney is so important. It can ease the pain and help a victim find solace. 

Most importantly, an attorney can guide the victim through the process. If you or a loved one has been the victim of personal injury in Seattle, legal assistance can be of great use. 

A personal injury lawyer knows the intricate details of the law, putting their expertise to help you seek the benefits and compensation that you deserve.

But What If I Can Handle My Case on My Own?

All too often, victims of car accidents attempt to navigate the difficult web of legalities surrounding personal injury law in the state of Washington on their own, all while dealing with physical and emotional pain.

In most cases, victims end up frustrated while trying to pursue compensation.

Because of the lack of resources, these victims also end up with results that fail to meet their expectations. At Bernard Law Group, we have the funds to pursue any case, big or small, and fight for the victim’s rights.

Dealing with  insurance companies, working on gathering evidence, and fighting for your rights in court can all be complex processes that require a great deal of experience. Unfortunately, not all personal injury victims do well under those circumstances.

If you are a victim of a personal injury accident, consider discussing your case with an experienced attorney for professional legal assistance before making up your mind.

What Type of Damages Can a Personal Injury Victim Expect to Recover?

It is not possible to predict with preciseness what kinds of damages a victim is entitled to recover legally following an accident. There are many factors that will play heavily into the compensations you might be able to receive.

Medical Assistance

In most cases of personal injury accidents, victims may pursue damages for treatment costs that were necessary for their recovery. This includes transportation, physical therapy, hospital care, and other services associated with the treatment of physical injuries.

Lost Wages

If you lost wages because of your accident and the injuries you suffered as a result, past, present, and/or future lost ages accumulated cam also be recovered. In many cases, victims are left unable to work and care for themselves for a period of time. In other cases, injuries render them incapacitated for life. Whatever the case, if you missed work and lost wages as a result of your injuries, you deserve compensation.

General Damages 

General damages can be associated with pain and suffering following an accident. It can also pertain to emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, problems associated with injuries suffered in the accident and related inconveniences. If your injury was the result of an accident involving a vehicle, you may also be able to recover compensation for damage related to your car, motorcycle, truck, etc. A victim can even seek compensation for “loss of use” if your vehicle required repairs or replacement due to damage.