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Seattle Car Accident Lawyers 

Seattle car accidents are usually sudden and unexpected. Even the most careful drivers are not immune to the negligence of others. Unfortunately, even minor accidents can cause catastrophic injuries or fatalities.

The injuries you sustain can lead to months or years of medical treatment, rehabilitation, and more. The costs add up quickly, leaving you struggling with your health and finances.

When dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident, it can be difficult to know what to do or how you will cover the costs of recovery and taking care of yourself and your family while you are unable to work. If you are in this situation, we are here to provide the advice, guidance, and legal representation you need.

Our firm has proudly served Seattle for over 30 years and has recovered millions of dollars in settlements for our clients.

Let Seattle’s best car accident lawyers help secure the compensation you deserve to get your life in order. We are available 24/7; if we don’t win, you don’t pay.

Seattle Car Accident Statistics

Seattle is home to over 733,000 people, with thousands of visitors in the area at any given time.  It makes sense that with such a dense population (the 15th most dense in the U.S.), accidents happen.

The large population leads to crowded streets, congestion, and alarming car accident statistics. According to the Washington State Department of Transportation, there were 8,192 auto-related accidents in 2022.

Some of the busiest roads in Seattle, where many auto accidents occur, include Aurora Avenue North, Northeast 45th Street, and Mercer Street. The West Seattle Bridge is also plagued with accidents, as more than 90,000 drivers use it daily.

If you are involved in an accident caused by another driver’s fault or negligence, we can provide the advice and guidance you need. At the Bernard Law Group, our Seattle car accident lawyers understand the law and how it applies to your case.

You can contact our office for a free consultation after a car accident to discuss your legal rights and options.

What are Passenger Rights if Injured in a Car Accident

Understanding Seattle Car Accidents

At Bernard Law Group, we provide legal assistance to those affected by car accidents in our city. Our three decades of experience in the local area helps us understand the unique challenges accident victims face in these situations.

Here, you can learn more about common car accident causes in Seattle and the impact on victims and their families.

Distracted Driving

Studies have shown that five percent of drivers involved in fatal accidents in the U.S. were distracted in some way when the incident occurred. Unfortunately, there are more distractions than ever before for drivers, which has increased the potential of distracted driving accidents.

While distracted driving is primarily due to smartphones and other electronic devices, there are other sources of distractions. Examples include:

  • Passengers
  • Food
  • Radio or GPS
  • Grooming

Remember, anything that takes your eyes off the road, hands off the wheel, or mind off the task is a distraction and can potentially lead to an accident.

Many distracted driving accidents cause serious injuries and fatalities. We see the consequences of these preventable incidents firsthand and advocate for safer driving practices throughout Seattle.

Impaired Driving

Despite strict laws, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs remains a significant problem in Seattle. The Washington Traffic Safety Commission states that 2022 saw the highest number of intoxicated driving-related accident fatalities on Washington state roads and highways since 1990.

When car accidents caused by drunk drivers occur, they require help from Seattle car accident lawyers. While the at-fault party may face criminal charges, accident victims can also file a civil claim against them. This will allow victims to recover compensation for the injuries and damages the intoxicated driver caused.

Adverse Weather Conditions

Seattle’s unique weather patterns, particularly during the rainy season, often lead to hazardous driving conditions. Slippery roads and reduced visibility are common contributors to accidents in our area.

If another driver is negligent during adverse weather conditions and an accident occurs, they may be considered liable. An example of negligence in this situation is driving too fast for the conditions.

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The Impact on Victims and Their Families

Regardless of the cause, the aftermath of a car accident can be devastating for victims and their families. The journey to recovery can involve extensive medical treatments, emotional distress, and significant financial burdens.

At Bernard Law Group, we understand these challenges. Our legal approach is designed to secure fair compensation for our clients, covering medical expenses, lost wages, and other related costs.

Legal Rights and Challenges for Car Accident Victims

Navigating the aftermath of a car accident in Seattle can be overwhelming. Understanding your rights and potential challenges will make you feel more confident as your case progresses.

Understanding Your Legal Rights

In Seattle, car accident victims have specific legal rights that allow them to recover compensation. However, some laws and requirements must be met. These include:

Filing a Claim

You are entitled to file a car accident claim against the responsible party for the accident. This compensation can cover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

It’s important to know that Washington State follows the pure comparative negligence rule, meaning you can still recover damages even if you are partly at fault. However, your percentage of fault may reduce the compensation you receive.

Statute of Limitations

Another essential part of filing a car accident claim is understanding the statute of limitations. This is the time you have to either settle your claim or file a lawsuit. In Seattle, it is generally three years from the accident date. Understanding these timelines is crucial to ensure you don’t forfeit your right to compensation.

Challenges in the Aftermath of an Accident

As a car accident victim, you will likely face numerous challenges in the days, weeks, and months after a car accident.

At Bernard Law Group, our attorneys know how far corporations and insurance companies are willing to go to avoid paying a victim in full. Mistreatment of auto accident victims is too common. Victims struggle to heal while fighting to keep their jobs.

Car accident injuries frequently result in lost wages. Regular monthly bills become burdensome and even impossible to pay. This hardship causes further stress, pain, and suffering to the victim and their family.

Insurance companies, more often than not, will try to downplay the victim’s injuries, pain, and suffering. People injured in auto accidents should know about insurance companies and their tactics.

Furthermore, proving liability and the extent of damages in a car accident can be complex. It requires gathering and presenting evidence effectively, which can be overwhelming for someone recovering from an accident.

The Importance of Legal Assistance

Given these challenges, legal assistance becomes not just helpful but essential. A car accident lawyer can guide you through the legal process. They will ensure you understand your rights, gather necessary evidence, and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf.

At Bernard Law Group, our Seattle Car Accident Attorney are dedicated to ensuring our clients don’t have to face these challenges alone. With our legal support, you can confidently navigate your case’s complexities, knowing your rights are being protected.

Bernard Law Group’s Approach to Car Accident Cases

We understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll a car accident can take, and our philosophy is centered around providing comprehensive legal support to those in need.

Our Philosophy

Every car accident case is unique and requires a customized approach. Our Seattle car accident lawyers take the time to understand the intricacies of each case, ensuring that we address our client’s specific needs and concerns. We prioritize clear communication, keeping our clients informed and involved every step of the way.

Our approach is not just about securing compensation; it’s about restoring peace of mind and helping our clients move forward.

“They took care of everything. I never had to deal with the insurance company again. I just felt really at ease going with someone that I thought would really help us.”

~ Lonnie

Success Stories and Case Studies

While maintaining strict client confidentiality, we can share some success stories highlighting our approach and commitment.

In a big rig versus auto accident, the defendant fell asleep behind the wheel of the big rig. The accident resulted in the victim suffering quadriplegia. We helped our client receive $7.9 million in compensation.

In another case, a driver was over-served alcohol by a restaurant. Fatal injuries were sustained when the intoxicated driver collided with another vehicle. Other passengers suffered severe head injuries. In this case, we helped victims receive over $1.5 million in settlement.

At Bernard Law Group, our client’s well-being is our top priority. Our approach to car accident cases is designed to provide the most effective and compassionate legal representation possible.

Navigating the Legal Process

Understanding the legal process following a car accident in Seattle can be overwhelming. We guide clients through each step of this journey, ensuring they are informed.

While each case is unique, here’s an overview of the steps involved in a car accident lawsuit and how our team plays a crucial role at each stage.

Initial Consultation and Case Evaluation

The first step is to call our office for an initial consultation. This is where we gather all the details about your accident.

We discuss the circumstances, your injuries, and any damages you’ve sustained. Our role here is to provide an initial assessment of your case, offer legal advice, and outline the potential avenues for pursuing compensation.

There is no charge for this first meeting. We use it as a chance to get to know you and let you get to know us. You can then decide if you want to move forward and hire us as your Seattle car accident lawyers.

Investigation and Gathering Evidence

The next step is to conduct a thorough investigation. This includes gathering evidence such as police reports, medical records, witness statements, and accident scene photographs.

Proof like this goes a long way toward winning the compensation you deserve. You need to keep a record of things such as:

  • Pay Stubs
  • Repair Bills
  • Medical Bills
  • Income Tax Returns
  • Items Showing Lost Wages
  • Any Related Incidental Expenses

Our expertise in navigating these processes ensures we build a strong foundation for your claim. We also use this information to understand the full extent of your losses and the impact on your life.

Filing the Lawsuit

The next step is filing a lawsuit if a settlement cannot be reached outside court. As your legal representatives, we handle this process, including drafting and filing the necessary legal documents. We ensure that your lawsuit is filed within Washington’s statute of limitations, which is crucial for your case to proceed.

Discovery Phase

Both sides exchange information and evidence about the case during the discovery phase. Our role involves preparing and sending out discovery requests, reviewing the information provided by the other party, and ensuring that your case is presented as strongly as possible. We may also depose witnesses and experts during this stage.

Negotiation and Mediation

Before a case goes to trial, there is often an opportunity for negotiation or mediation. We represent you during these discussions and work to secure a fair settlement. Our negotiation skills are essential here, as we advocate for your best interests, ensuring that any settlement offer adequately compensates you for your losses.


If a settlement is not reached, the case will go to trial. Our Seattle car accident attorney are well-prepared to present your case in court. We handle all aspects of the trial process, from opening statements to presenting evidence and cross-examining witnesses. Our goal is to argue your case and achieve a favorable verdict.

Post-Trial and Settlement Collection

After a verdict is reached, we assist in the settlement collection process. If the verdict is in your favor, we ensure the judgment is enforced and you receive the compensation awarded.

We can discuss the possibility of an appeal in cases of an unfavorable verdict.

How Bernard Law Group Guides Clients Through These Steps

Bernard Law Group provides comprehensive support and guidance throughout each step of the legal process. Our personalized approach means we take the time to understand your situation and provide customized solutions. We inform you at every stage, ensuring you know what is happening and why.

Compensation and Settlements

auto accident attorneys near me We understand a car accident’s impact on an individual’s life. Our Seattle car accident lawyers are committed to ensuring victims receive the full compensation they deserve.

Here, we explore the types of compensation available for car accident victims, the factors that influence the amount of compensation, and how our firm plays a vital role in maximizing these settlements.

Types of Compensation for Car Accident Victims

The compensation for car accident victims can be categorized into several types:

  • Medical Expenses: This covers all medical treatments related to the accident, including hospital stays, surgeries, medications, physical therapy, and future medical care.
  • Lost Wages and Earning Capacity: If the injury affects your ability to work, compensation can include lost wages for the time you were unable to work and potential future earnings if your ability to work is permanently impacted.
  • Pain and Suffering: This non-economic compensation is for the physical pain and emotional distress suffered due to the accident.
  • Property Damage: Compensation for repairs or replacement of your vehicle and other personal property damaged in the accident.

Factors Influencing the Amount of Compensation

The amount of compensation in a car accident case depends on various factors:

  • The severity and permanence of the injuries.
  • The impact of the injuries on your quality of life and ability to work.
  • The amount of medical expenses incurred and anticipated in the future.
  • The extent of property damage.
  • The percentage of fault of each party involved in the accident.

Choosing the Right Car Accident Lawyer

Selecting the right Seattle car accident lawyers is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the outcome of your case. When making this choice, there are several important criteria to consider:

  • Experience and Expertise: Look for a lawyer with a proven track record in car accident cases. Experience in handling similar cases to yours is invaluable.
  • Reputation and Reviews: Research their reputation in the legal community and read reviews from past clients to gauge their reliability and the quality of their service.
  • Communication Skills: Choose a lawyer who communicates clearly and keeps you informed throughout the process. A good lawyer should be accessible and responsive to your queries.
  • Resources and Network: Ensure the lawyer has the necessary resources and connections to strengthen your case, such as medical professionals and accident reconstruction experts.
  • Fee Structure: Understand their fee structure. Many car accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they only get paid if you win your case.
The Proof Is In Our Case Results Over $500 MILLION recovered for our clients. Let us help YOU! Call 24/7 for your FREE injury consultation. 206-298-9900

Do’s and Don’ts After a Car Accident?

At Bernard Law Group, we understand how overwhelming and confusing the aftermath of a car accident can be. Our team is dedicated to providing guidance and support to car accident victims.

Many people don’t realize that what they do or don’t do after an accident can significantly impact any legal action they take. It is best to stay calm and remember these do’s and don’ts to protect yourself and your rights.

Do’s After a Car Accident

The things you should do after being involved in a car accident include the following:

Check for Injuries and Safety

The first step after an accident is to ensure your safety and that of others involved. Check for any injuries and call 911 if anyone is hurt. If possible, move to a safe location without leaving the accident scene.

Call the Police

It’s important to contact the police immediately. A police report is a valuable document when filing an insurance claim or in case of legal proceedings. Cooperate with the officers and provide accurate information about the incident.

Exchange Information and Document the Scene

Exchange contact and insurance information with the other parties involved. It’s also crucial to gather evidence by taking photos of the vehicles, the accident scene, and any visible injuries. Note down the names and contact details of any witnesses.

Notify Your Insurance Company

Inform your insurance company about the accident as soon as possible. Be honest about the circumstances, but avoid admitting fault or making definitive statements until all facts are known.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if you don’t feel injured, seeing a doctor is advisable. Some injuries, like whiplash, may not be immediately apparent. Medical records are also important for any potential insurance claims or legal action.

Consult with Our Attorneys

Contacting our experienced attorneys at Bernard Law Group can provide crucial legal advice and representation. We can guide you through the insurance and legal processes, ensuring your rights are protected.

Don’ts After a Car Accident

While there are several things you should do, there are others you should avoid. These include:

Don’t Leave the Scene

Leaving the scene of an accident, especially if there are injuries or significant property damage, can result in legal consequences. Stay until the police have arrived and you’ve exchanged information with the other parties.

Don’t Admit Fault

While it’s important to be honest, avoid admitting fault or making statements that could be used against you later. The determination of fault should be left to the police and insurance investigators.

Don’t Neglect to Gather Evidence

Failing to document the accident can impact your ability to file a claim or defend yourself in legal proceedings. Take photos, gather witness information, and keep all relevant documents.

Don’t Agree to Immediate Settlements

Be cautious of quick settlement offers from insurance companies. They may not fully cover your damages or medical expenses. Consult with us at Bernard Law Group before agreeing to any settlements.

Don’t Post About the Accident on Social Media

Refrain from discussing the accident on social media platforms. Anything you post can potentially be used as evidence in legal or insurance matters.

Don’t Ignore Legal Deadlines

Be aware of the time limits for filing insurance claims and legal actions. Our team at Bernard Law Group can help ensure you meet all necessary deadlines and requirements.

Navigating the aftermath of a car accident can be challenging, but following these dos and don’ts can help protect your rights and interests. Remember, our team at Bernard Law Group in Seattle is here to assist you every step of the way. Contact us for expert guidance and support in handling your car accident case.

Seattle auto accident lawyers

Common Questions About Seattle Car Accident Claims

Immediately after a car accident in Seattle, prioritize safety by checking for injuries and moving to a safe location. Call 911 if there are injuries or significant property damage.

Exchange information with other drivers involved, including contact details and insurance information. Document the scene with photos and gather witness information. Notify your insurance company, but avoid admitting fault.

Consider seeking medical attention, even for minor injuries, as some may not be immediately apparent. It is advisable to consult with an attorney to understand your rights and legal options.

In Seattle, a car accident report can be filed with the local police department at the scene or shortly after the accident. If police arrive at the accident scene, they will typically handle the report. If they do not, you can file a report at the nearest police station or online, depending on the department’s policies.

Include all relevant details like the date, time, location, accident description, involved parties, and witness information. This report is crucial for insurance claims and potential legal proceedings.

Yes, seeking medical attention after a car accident is important, even if you feel fine. Some injuries, such as whiplash or internal injuries, may not show immediate symptoms but can have serious long-term effects.

A medical professional can identify and treat these injuries early on. Additionally, medical records serve as valuable documentation for insurance claims or legal actions related to the accident.

You may recover various damages after a car accident, including medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering. Medical expenses cover hospital bills, medication, rehabilitation, and future medical care.

Lost wages compensate for income lost due to the accident, including potential future earnings. Property damage covers repairs or replacement of your vehicle and other personal property. Pain and suffering damages compensate for physical discomfort and emotional distress caused by the accident.

Washington State’s statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim is generally three years from the accident date. For property damage claims, the deadline is also typically three years.

It’s important to start the process as soon as possible to ensure all evidence is preserved and deadlines are met. Consulting with an attorney can help you understand specific timelines and requirements for your case.

While not mandatory, having a lawyer after a car accident in Seattle can be extremely beneficial, especially in cases involving significant injuries, complex liability issues, or disputes with insurance companies.

An experienced lawyer can help you navigate the legal process, negotiate with insurance companies, and ensure you receive fair compensation for your damages.

Fault in a Seattle car accident is determined by examining evidence such as police reports, witness statements, traffic laws, and accident scene photos. Washington State follows a comparative negligence rule, meaning each party’s fault is assessed, and damages are awarded accordingly. An individual can recover damages even if partially at fault, but the compensation is reduced by their percentage of fault.

Under Washington State’s comparative negligence law, you can still recover damages even if you are partially at fault. Your compensation will be reduced by the percentage of fault assigned to you. For example, if you are found to be 30% at fault and the total damages are $10,000, you would be eligible to receive $7,000.

If the other driver in a Seattle car accident doesn’t have insurance, you may still have options. Check your insurance policy for uninsured motorist coverage, which can provide compensation for your damages.

Additionally, you may pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver, although collecting damages can be challenging if they lack insurance and assets. Consulting with an attorney can help you explore your options and determine the best action.

Insurance companies calculate compensation after a car accident in Seattle by evaluating the severity of injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and the impact on the victim’s quality of life.

They also consider the policy limits and the fault determination. It’s important to be cautious when dealing with insurance adjusters, as their primary goal is to minimize payouts. An attorney can help negotiate with insurance companies to ensure fair compensation.

Many Seattle car accidents happen because vehicles experience issues due to defective auto parts instead of through the fault of the driver. If this happened to you and you have been injured in a Seattle car accident, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the automaker or designer of the vehicle and defective component according to product liability laws.

Anyone who designs, manufactures, sells, and distributes vehicles might be found ultimately responsible for bringing defective products to the market. If this is the case and you were using the defective product when you were injured, and the injury is due to the defect, they may be liable under a product liability legal theory. Drivers and passengers have been injured in accidents caused by defective airbags, steering systems, tires, brakes, etc.

Victims of Seattle car accidents may incur substantial medical expenses following their crashes. It is common for victims to face mounting medical bills, which, combined with income losses, will cause their financial circumstances to deteriorate quickly.

Who will be responsible for paying your medical bills when you suffer personal injury in an accident will depend on a series of factors. First, an attorney will help you to identify who’s at fault. If you were at fault, your medical bills are in the hands of your medical insurance, and you will be responsible for paying your deductibles and copays.

If the accident victim has Personal Injury Protection or MedPay coverage through their auto insurance policy, PIP and/or MedPay are primary for paying for accident-related medical bills.  If the victim does not have PIP and/or MedPay, their health insurance will pay for treatment in accordance with their health insurance policy.  When the case is resolved, the health insurance company and/or PIP and MedPay insurance companies will be reimbursed by the at-fault insurance company.

In some cases, some medical providers will provide medical treatment with an agreement to wait for payment until the case is resolved.  This is often called “treating on a lien” or treating with a “letter of protection.”  While this is a good option for people who do not have coverage to pay for medical treatment, it is not the best option for everyone.  Your attorney will give you more information on this treatment option should you need it.

If the victim is a pedestrian or a passenger in the at-fault driver’s vehicle, other coverages may be available to help pay medical bills.  Your attorney will look into additional coverage and confirm what insurance company will pay for your medical bills.

Navigating Your Path to Justice with Bernard Law Group

The importance of legal representation in a car accident’s aftermath cannot be overstated. The complexities of legal proceedings and the challenges of negotiating with insurance companies make it essential to have an experienced Seattle car accident lawyers by your side.

Our team at Bernard Law Group is dedicated to understanding and addressing each client’s unique situation. We bring expertise, a client-centered approach, and a relentless drive to advocate for your rights. Remember, the right legal team can significantly impact your recovery and compensation.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident in Seattle, please contact us for a consultation. Let us guide you through the legal maze with the expertise and dedication you deserve. Contact Bernard Law Group today and take the first step towards securing the justice and compensation you are entitled to.

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