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Car Accident Lawyers in Redmond

Car Accident Lawyers in Redmond

Car accidents can cause severe injuries and leave you confused and overwhelmed. You may be unsure how to make ends meet while out of work. The medical bills can be significant and your future may seem uncertain.

At Bernard Law Group, we can answer your questions and help you understand what legal rights and options you have. We encourage you to contact us as soon as you can after a Redmond car accident. Our 30 years of experience representing accident victims will be used to help you secure the compensation you deserve.

Understanding Car Accidents in Redmond

Understanding the common causes of car accidents and how local conditions contribute to them is essential for drivers navigating the aftermath.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Redmond

While accidents may happen for several reasons, some of the most common include:

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving remains a leading cause of accidents in Redmond. With the prevalence of smartphones, drivers often find their attention diverted, leading to critical mistakes on the road.


Another issue is speeding. When a driver speeds, it reduces reaction time and increases the severity of accidents, making it a significant factor in local car crashes.

Weather Conditions

The weather, particularly during the rainy seasons, can create hazardous driving conditions. Wet roads and reduced visibility contribute to accidents, emphasizing the need for cautious driving.

Heavy Traffic

As a hub for major tech companies, Redmond experiences heavy commuter traffic, especially during rush hours. The increased volume of vehicles heightens the risk of collisions.

Driving Under the Influence

Despite stringent laws, incidents of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs continue to be a concern. Drinking or doing drugs can significantly impair judgment and reaction times.

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Impact of Local Traffic Laws and Conditions

It is important to note that traffic laws are in place to help keep drivers safe. However, the conditions may impact drivers’ ability to avoid an accident.

Traffic Laws

Washington state laws, including strict regulations on distracted driving and DUI, are designed to reduce accidents. However, compliance varies, and lapses in adherence can lead to serious accidents. Understanding these laws is crucial for prevention and legal action after an accident.

Road Design and Maintenance

Road infrastructure, including its layout and maintenance, plays a role in traffic safety. Issues like poorly marked lanes or inadequate signage can contribute to accidents, particularly for drivers unfamiliar with the area.

Cycling and Pedestrian Traffic

Redmond’s commitment to being a bike-friendly city and its high pedestrian traffic mean drivers must be vigilant and aware of more than just other vehicles. Accidents involving cyclists or pedestrians can be particularly complex due to the additional regulations governing these interactions.

Tech Industry Influence

The presence of major tech companies leads to a large number of drivers, including those new to the area or visiting. This factor alone can lead to a varied understanding of local driving norms and regulations, potentially increasing accident risks.

Understanding the unique factors that contribute to car accidents in Redmond is crucial for residents, commuters, and visitors.

Navigating Car Accident Claims in Redmond

Navigating the aftermath of a car accident can be complex. At Bernard Law Group, we understand Washington state laws and how they apply to car accidents. Our expertise in these laws helps us protect your rights.

Understanding Washington State Laws on Car Accidents

To better understand your rights after a car accident, you must understand the law and how liability is determined. Our experienced car accident lawyers can help ensure your rights and best interests are protected.

Fault Determination

Washington operates under a ‘comparative fault’ system. This means that in an accident, each party is assigned a percentage of fault. We understand how to navigate these determinations to ensure that our clients are accurately represented and receive fair compensation relative to their degree of fault.

Statute of Limitations

There is a strict timeline for filing a car accident claim. Generally, victims have three years from the accident date to either settle a claim or file a lawsuit. Our team ensures that all legal actions are taken within this timeframe, safeguarding our clients from missing the opportunity to seek compensation.

Insurance Claims

Washington’s mandatory insurance laws require drivers to carry minimum liability insurance. We assist our clients in understanding their insurance policies and navigating the often complex claims process with insurance companies.

The Importance of Local Traffic Laws

Local traffic laws in Redmond can significantly impact a car accident case. These laws cover a range of issues, from speed limits to right-of-way rules. Our deep understanding of these laws allows us to build robust cases for our clients. We thoroughly investigate each case, considering how local traffic laws may have been violated and how such violations contributed to the accident.

How Our Knowledge Benefits Our Clients

At Bernard Law Group, we understand the local regulations. We can use this knowledge to provide the following services:

  • Analyze Accident Scenarios: By understanding the specifics of Redmond’s roadways and traffic laws, we can more accurately analyze accident scenarios and identify key factors that may influence the outcome of a claim.
  • Negotiate with Insurance Companies: Our familiarity with Washington’s insurance laws enables us to negotiate effectively, ensuring our clients receive the compensation they deserve.
  • Provide Tailored Legal Advice: Each case is unique, and our knowledge of state and local laws allows us to provide personalized legal advice that aligns with our client’s specific circumstances.

Navigating car accident claims in Redmond requires legal expertise and an understanding of local and state laws. At Bernard Law Group, we bring this knowledge to every case, ensuring our clients receive the highest legal representation and support.

Navigating Insurance Claims and Settlements

Dealing with insurance companies after a car accident can be challenging and often overwhelming. At Bernard Law Group, we understand these interactions and are committed to guiding our clients through them, ensuring they receive fair settlements.

Dealing with Insurance Companies Post-Accident

After a car accident, the process of filing an insurance claim begins. This is a crucial step in securing compensation for damages and injuries.

However, insurance companies often try to minimize payouts. As your attorneys, we advocate for your best interests, ensuring that the insurance company acknowledges the full extent of your claim.

Our Strategies for Ensuring Fair Settlements

Ensuring a fair settlement can be challenging in some situations. We understand these challenges and how to negotiate on your behalf. We do this by providing the following:

Thorough Documentation

We emphasize the importance of thoroughly documenting the accident, injuries, and damages. This includes medical reports, repair estimates, photographs, lost wage documentation and any other relevant information. Our team collects and reviews these documents to build a strong case for your claim.

Expert Negotiation

Our experienced attorneys are skilled negotiators. We engage with insurance companies assertively, backed by evidence and legal knowledge, to negotiate fair settlements that reflect the true impact of the accident on our clients’ lives.

Legal Expertise

Understanding the language of insurance policies and the legal obligations of insurance companies is another service our lawyers offer. We ensure that our clients’ rights are upheld and that insurance companies fulfill their responsibilities.

Tips for Clients When Communicating with Insurance Representatives

We advise our clients to use caution when speaking to insurance companies. With our representation, we handle all of these calls for you so you do not have to talk to the insurance company directly.

Be Cautious in Communication

When speaking with insurance representatives, it’s important to be cautious. Avoid making any statements that could be misconstrued or used against your claim. It’s often best to consult with us before providing detailed statements.

Document All Interactions

Keep a record of all communications with the insurance company, including dates, times, and the names of representatives. This can be crucial in case of disputes.

Understand Your Policy

It’s beneficial to have a basic understanding of your insurance policy. However, interpreting these policies can be complex, and we are here to help clarify any uncertainties or questions.

Avoid Rushing Into Settlements

Insurance companies may offer a quick settlement, but these initial offers are often lower than you may be entitled to. We advise our clients to resist the urge to settle quickly and allow us to review any offers to ensure they are fair.

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