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Car Accident Lawyers in Spokane 

Auto accidents can cause irreparable changes to our lives. In many cases, injuries require months or even years of treatment. This leads to a mountain of debt that becomes too heavy for the victim to carry on their own.

At Bernard Law Group, our attorneys know how far corporations and insurance companies are willing to go to avoid paying a victim in full. Mistreatment of auto accident victims is too common. Victims struggle to heal while fighting to keep their jobs.

Car accident injuries frequently result in lost wages. Regular monthly bills become burdensome and even impossible to pay. This hardship causes further stress, pain, and suffering to the victim and their family.

Our experienced Spokane car accident lawyers are here to help accident victims recover the full compensation they deserve.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Spokane

Car accidents in Spokane happen because of many situations and issues. Some of the most common causes of accidents include:

Distracted Driving

One of the leading causes of car accidents is distracted driving. This involves any activity that diverts attention from driving, including talking or texting on your phone, eating and drinking, talking to people in your vehicle, or fiddling with the stereo, entertainment, or navigation system. The prevalence of smartphones has exacerbated this issue, making it a significant concern for road safety.


Speeding remains a perennial issue in causing car accidents. Driving above the speed limit or too fast for road conditions reduces a driver’s ability to steer safely around curves or objects in the roadway, extends the distance necessary to stop a vehicle, and increases the severity of an accident when one occurs.

Drunk Driving

Despite rigorous laws and awareness campaigns, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs continues to be a major problem. Impaired driving significantly reduces a driver’s reaction time and decision-making ability, leading to serious accidents. Spokane law enforcement actively works to reduce drunk driving through checkpoints and educational programs.

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Weather Conditions

Spokane’s varied climate means drivers often contend with various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and ice. These conditions can make roads slippery and reduce visibility, contributing to accidents. Drivers must be cautious and adjust their driving behavior according to the weather conditions.

Immediate Steps Following a Car Accident

Car accidents, regardless of their severity, can be disorienting and stressful. Knowing the appropriate steps immediately after an accident can help ensure your safety and protect your legal rights.

Ensure Safety

First and foremost, assess your immediate safety and that of any passengers. If the accident is minor and there are no serious injuries, move vehicles to a safe area, away from traffic. Turn on your hazard lights to alert other drivers. If the vehicles cannot be moved, or if there are serious injuries, stay put and wait for emergency services.

Call Emergency Services

Even for minor accidents, it’s important to call 911. Police can file a report, which may be necessary for insurance claims. If there are any injuries, request medical assistance. Even seemingly minor injuries should be checked by a professional, as some symptoms may not appear immediately.

Exchange Information and Document the Scene

Exchange names, contact information, and insurance details with the other driver. Avoid discussing fault or making statements that could be interpreted as admitting liability. Use your smartphone to take pictures of the vehicles, the accident scene, and any relevant road signs or signals. If there are witnesses, get their contact information as well.

Notify Your Insurance Company

Report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible. Provide them with the information you collected. Your insurer will guide you through the process of filing a claim.

Seek Medical Attention and Legal Advice

Even if you feel fine, getting a medical evaluation is wise. Some injuries, like whiplash, may not be immediately apparent. If the accident was significant, consider consulting with an attorney to understand your rights and options, especially if there are disputes about fault or if you’ve suffered considerable losses.

Determining Liability in Car Accident Cases

Determining liability in car accident cases is a critical aspect of the legal process. Establishing who is at fault affects how damages are awarded, and insurance claims are settled. Understanding the key factors in this determination can help victims navigate the aftermath of an accident.

Analyzing the Accident Scene

The accident scene often holds vital clues to determining liability. Law enforcement and insurance investigators analyze skid marks, vehicle damages, and the final resting positions of the vehicles involved. This physical evidence can indicate factors like speed, direction, and point of impact, which are crucial in reconstructing the accident and establishing fault.

Reviewing Traffic Laws

Understanding the local traffic laws is essential in liability determination. Violations like running a red light, speeding, or illegal turns can be strong indicators of fault. Attorneys and insurance adjustors review these laws in the context of the accident to ascertain if any were breached, contributing to the accident.

Witness Statements and Camera Footage

Statements from eyewitnesses can provide unbiased accounts of the accident. Similarly, footage from traffic cameras or dashcams can offer a clear view of the incident, providing concrete evidence critical in determining liability.

Comparative and Contributory Negligence

In some jurisdictions, liability may be shared, known as comparative negligence. In others, if a party is partially at fault, they may be barred from recovering damages, known as contributory negligence. Understanding these principles is essential in liability discussions.

Reasons to Hire an Experienced Car Accident Attorney from Bernard Law Group

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be overwhelming. Hiring an experienced car accident attorney can be a game-changer. Our expertise and guidance can help you navigate through legal complexities and ensure your rights are protected.

Expertise in Car Accident Laws and Regulations

Our attorneys at Bernard Law Group have extensive knowledge of the laws and regulations surrounding car accidents. This expertise helps us understand your case and provide informed guidance. We are well-versed in state-specific laws and can navigate the legal system effectively. Our goal is to help you achieve a successful outcome.

Skilled Negotiation with Insurance Companies

Dealing with insurance companies can be challenging, especially when negotiating fair compensation. Our experienced attorneys know the tactics used by insurance companies and how to negotiate with them effectively.

Comprehensive Case Management

From gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses to managing legal documentation and court appearances, we can handle all aspects of your case. This comprehensive approach allows you to focus on your recovery, knowing that the legal side of your case is being managed.

Personalized Legal Strategy

Every car accident case is unique, and we understand this. You receive personalized legal strategies tailored to the specifics of your situation. This individualized approach ensures that your case is handled to maximize your chances of a favorable outcome.

Understanding Compensation Types in Car Accident Cases

In car accident cases, understanding the types of compensation available is important. This knowledge can help victims understand what they may be entitled to.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are the most tangible and easily quantifiable form of compensation. They cover the financial losses directly resulting from the accident. This includes medical expenses, both current and future, related to the injury. It also encompasses lost wages if the injury has impacted the victim’s ability to work temporarily or permanently. Additionally, any costs associated with property damage, such as vehicle repairs or replacement, fall under this category.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are intended to compensate for intangible losses. This includes pain and suffering, which refers to the physical discomfort and emotional distress caused by the injury.

Compensation for loss of enjoyment of life is also considered if the injury prevents the victim from engaging in activities or hobbies they once enjoyed. Additionally, if the injury impacts relationships, compensation for loss of consortium may be sought.

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