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Tacoma Truck Accident Lawyers

The U.S. trucking industry transports approximately 70% of all goods nationwide. Along with transporting every tangible good people use daily, the trucking industry employs millions of workers. These workers account for approximately 6% of the nation’s workforce.

While trucks are essential to the country’s economy and day-to-day life, the high number on the roads and highways means more trucking accidents.

If you are involved in an accident with a commercial truck, you have a higher risk of serious injury or death because of the size and weight of the truck compared to passenger vehicles. Our experienced Tacoma truck accident lawyers are here to help in these situations. We can investigate your accident, determine fault, and help you recover the full compensation you are entitled to.

Understanding Truck Accidents in Tacoma

Tacoma has a significant volume of truck traffic, which, unfortunately, correlates with a higher incidence of truck accidents. These accidents, often more catastrophic than typical vehicle collisions, seriously threaten road safety.

A deeper dive into the causes of these accidents reveals a pattern of common factors. Driver fatigue is a primary concern, often due to long-haul drivers pushing beyond recommended hours to meet tight deadlines. This fatigue can lead to slower reaction times and impaired judgment, significantly increasing the risk of accidents.

Mechanical failures, another critical factor, include brake malfunctions or tire blowouts, often attributable to inadequate vehicle maintenance. Other contributing factors include poor weather conditions, particularly challenging in the Pacific Northwest, and congested traffic conditions typical of Tacoma’s busy roads.

If you are involved in a Tacoma truck accident, understanding these common causes is important. At Bernard Law Group, our Tacoma truck accident lawyers are ready to help determine fault in your case and protect your right to full compensation for all accident-related injuries and losses.

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Navigating the Maze of Truck Accident Litigation

Truck accident claims are often complex and confusing. These can involve multiple parties and issues that must be understood to help secure a favorable outcome. Learn more about some of the complexities in these cases here.

Complex Web of Involvement

Truck accidents in Tacoma introduce many legal complexities. These incidents involve different laws than typical vehicle collisions, presenting unique challenges that require specialized legal expertise. The severity of truck accidents often results in challenging cases, compounded by the involvement of numerous stakeholders.

Multiple Parties and Diverse Interests

In truck accident cases, determining fault can be complex due to the involvement of multiple parties. Each party could be at fault for various reasons.

Here is a list of potential parties who could be responsible and the typical reasons why they might be considered at fault:

  • Truck Driver: Driver fatigue, driving under the influence (DUI), distracted driving, traffic violations, lack of training or experience, and aggressive driving behavior.
  • Trucking Company: Poor maintenance of vehicles, failure to comply with safety regulations, inadequate driver training, pressuring drivers to meet unrealistic schedules, and hiring unqualified drivers.
  • Cargo Loaders and Shippers: Improper loading of cargo leads to imbalance or cargo shifts, overloading the truck, and failure to secure the cargo properly.
  • Truck Manufacturer or Parts Manufacturer: Design defects, manufacturing defects, and failure to issue recalls for known problems, leading to mechanical failures.
  • Maintenance Companies: Inadequate maintenance, improper repairs, and failure to identify or address potential mechanical issues.
  • Other Vehicle Drivers: Contributory negligence by other drivers on the road, such as cutting off a truck, driving erratically, or other forms of negligent driving that contribute to the accident.
  • Government Entities or Road Contractors: Poor road design, lack of proper signage, inadequate road maintenance (like potholes or unclear road markings), and construction site negligence leading to hazardous driving conditions.
  • Vehicle Equipment Suppliers: Providing defective or substandard parts such as brakes, tires, or lighting systems.
  • Inspection Agencies: Failure to identify critical safety issues during routine inspections.

This list highlights the complexity of truck accident cases and the need for a thorough investigation to accurately determine the fault. Each party’s involvement and potential liability must be carefully examined to ensure victims receive fair compensation for their losses and injuries.

Regulatory Complexity

Another layer of complexity in truck accident cases is the regulatory landscape. Trucking companies operate under a framework of both state and federal laws.

These regulations can significantly influence the course of a legal claim, making an in-depth understanding of these rules essential. Navigating this intricate regulatory environment requires a legal team that is well-versed in local Tacoma laws and adept at handling the broader spectrum of federal trucking regulations.

Our Approach to Truck Accident Cases

At Bernard Law Group, we approach each truck accident case with a tailored strategy designed to address the unique circumstances of the incident. Our team is committed to thorough case handling, from the initial consultation to the resolution.

We begin with a comprehensive evaluation, meticulously analyzing every detail of the accident. This includes gathering evidence, such as accident reports, witness statements, and vehicle data, to construct a robust representation of the events.

Team Expertise and Experience

Our team’s expertise is a blend of seasoned attorneys and legal professionals, each bringing a wealth of personal injury law experience, specifically Tacoma truck accident lawyers. This specialized knowledge is crucial in navigating the complexities of these cases.

Our attorneys understand trucking industry regulations at the state and federal levels. Their experience extends to negotiating with large trucking companies and insurance firms, ensuring our clients’ voices are heard and their rights vigorously defended.

Tailored Strategies for Tacoma Clients

Recognizing that no two accidents are the same, our strategies are uniquely tailored to each Tacoma case’s specifics. We consider the local traffic laws, the specifics of the trucking routes, and the common challenges.

Our approach is not just about legal representation; it’s about understanding the accident’s impact on our clients’ lives. We offer personalized support, guiding our clients through the legal process while addressing their broader concerns, such as medical care coordination and dealing with financial uncertainties post-accident.

Our commitment at Bernard Law Group is to provide legal expertise and compassionate and comprehensive support to our clients in Tacoma. We aim to ensure that every client feels informed, supported, and confident in our ability to advocate for their best interests.

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Navigating Legal Procedures in Truck Accident Cases

Navigating the legal procedures in truck accident cases involves critical steps and time-sensitive actions. Initially, the process begins with fact-finding and evidence-gathering, a phase where details of the accident are meticulously compiled. This includes obtaining police reports, eyewitness accounts, and expert testimonies.

The next step is to file a legal claim. This step marks the beginning of formal legal proceedings.

The timeframe for filing a claim is governed by Washington State’s statute of limitations, which mandates that actions must be initiated within three years after the accident. This makes prompt legal consultation crucial.

During the litigation phase, parties may engage in negotiations for a settlement. The case proceeds to trial if a settlement is not reached, where arguments are presented before a judge or jury. Throughout this process, important legal considerations, such as comparative negligence and liability laws, play a vital role in shaping the outcome.

Types of Compensation in Truck Accident Claims

When you file a truck accident claim, you may receive several types of compensation. These include:

Economic Damages

Economic damages are quantifiable financial losses that victims incur as a result of the truck accident. These include medical expenses, both current and future, covering treatments, surgeries, rehabilitation, and any long-term care needs. Lost wages form another critical component, accounting for the income lost due to the inability to work post-accident.

Additionally, if the victim’s earning capacity is permanently affected, compensation can also cover future loss of earnings. Property damage, primarily to the victim’s vehicle, is also included under economic damages.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages address the more subjective, non-monetary losses suffered by truck accident victims. This category includes compensation for your pain and suffering. This refers to the emotional distress and physical suffering you sustain due to the accident. Loss of enjoyment of life is also considered, compensating for the inability to engage in hobbies or activities enjoyed prior to the accident.

In severe cases, victims may receive compensation for emotional trauma and mental anguish, reflecting the psychological impact of the incident.

Why Choose Bernard Law Group

At Bernard Law Group, our unwavering commitment to justice and client satisfaction sets us apart. With years of dedicated service in Tacoma, we bring a unique blend of local knowledge and extensive legal expertise.

Our Tacoma truck accident attorney team’s understanding of Tacoma-specific regulations and dynamics ensures tailored and effective legal solutions. We pride ourselves on not just representing our clients but also empathizing with their struggles, working to achieve the best possible outcomes for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What steps do I need to take if I am involved in a truck accident?

If you are involved in a truck accident, take steps to get to safety. Be sure to seek evaluation from a doctor, even if your injuries seem minor. You should also contact law enforcement. While at the accident scene, document what happened with pictures and write down the names of witnesses.

2. What factors are considered when determining fault in a truck accident?

Fault in truck accidents is determined by examining evidence like accident reports, witness statements, and, if applicable, trucking company records. Factors such as driver negligence, vehicle maintenance, and road conditions are considered.

3. What kind of compensation can I expect in a truck accident claim?

Compensation varies but generally includes economic damages (like medical expenses and lost wages) and non-economic damages (such as pain and suffering).

4. How long do I have to file a claim after a truck accident?

The timeframe for filing a claim, known as the statute of limitations, varies by state. In Washington, it’s generally three years from the date of the accident, but it’s crucial to consult a lawyer promptly to ensure your claim is filed timely.

5. Do I need a lawyer for a truck accident claim?

While not mandatory, having a lawyer is highly recommended due to the complexity of truck accident cases. A lawyer can navigate the legal system, handle negotiations, and work towards maximizing your compensation.

We Can Help with Your Truck Accident Claim

The aftermath of a truck accident can be overwhelming, but with Bernard Law Group, you don’t have to face it alone. Our skilled legal representation is crucial in navigating these complex cases.

We invite you to reach out to us for a comprehensive consultation. Let us advocate for your rights and strive for the justice and compensation you deserve. Contact Bernard Law Group today and take the first step towards recovery and peace of mind.

The Proof Is In Our Case Results Over $500 MILLION recovered for our clients. Let us help YOU! Call 24/7 for your FREE injury consultation. 206-298-9900

The Proof Is In Our Case Results

Over $500 Million recovered for our past clients. Let us help YOU! Call 24/7 for your FREE injury consultation. 206-298-9900

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