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Prescription Drugs that are or have been the Subject of Lawsuits

Oftentimes, patients experience serious and even deadly consequences of the prescription drugs they take. That’s because while the treatment sometimes seems right, doctors are frequently wrong, and drug makers aren’t quick to report issues if they are making a profit. As a consequence of these negligent actions, many patients suffer greatly when doctors and drug companies should be putting their safety first. In order to fight this injustice and help victims recover, Bernard Law Group’s attorneys are here to help.

Personal injury attorneys who are experienced in litigating hazardous prescription drug cases understand the realities of what victims experience. That’s why they are ready to help you if you were the victim of a negligent drug maker or medical staff. They know that recovery can be a long process that requires a great deal of investment. And to a victim who is suffering tremendously thanks to negligent third parties, keeping up with medical bills might not be as easy. Attorneys know this and are ready to use their expertise to fight for justice.

What Drugs Are Considered Hazardous?

Our experienced attorneys are aware of a series of hazardous prescription drugs known to hurt patients over time. We are here to help you get back on your feet if you experienced serious or even deadly consequences associated with any of the following drugs.

YAZHydroxycutVioxx RecallOrtho .EvraLotronexPPAPropulsidTrasylolRezulinEphedraAntidepressantsZyprexaHRT

While these are some of the examples of dangerous drugs, there are countless others that may expose you or a loved one to health conditions that will require medical attention and years of treatment. Many are still heavily used while others are just beginning to be marketed to the public.

Some of these drugs include treatments that are often prescribed for a series of different health conditions

defective drugs


Drugs such as Actos, Byetta, Bydureon, Glyburide, Invokana, Janumet, Januvia, Kombiglyze XR, Lipitor, Onglyza, and Victoza are all used in the treatment of diabetes.

Pain Relief

Pain relief medication that can also be hazardous include Acetaminophen, Enbrel, Fentanyl, Lamisil, Lotronex, Methadone, Morphine Sulfate, Neurontin, Oxycontin Pain Pumps, Quinine, and Rituxan.

Heart Conditions And Weight Loss

Drugs used to treat heart conditions such as Cardura, Trasylol (Aprotinin), and Vytorin can be hazardous and drugs used to help manage weight such as Alli, Hydroxycut, and Meridia could also pose risks.

Drugs related to issues such as low testosterone and products used as contraceptives may also pose risks.

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Whenever you feel your injury case may lead to a product liability claim involving pharmaceutical drugs, do not hesitate to get the best legal team by your side. After all, you want a team of experienced attorneys who have helped thousands of people just like you.

Our defective drugs lawyers have years of experience with product liability cases and a track record that will make you proud of choosing us. Do not let a pharmaceutical company get off the hook with making you sick. If you a major corporation gets away with hurting you, it will get away with hurting others too.