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Car accidents can affect the lives of victims and their families for months, even years. As if the accident and ensuing injuries weren’t bad enough, the sad truth is that relatively small numbers of people seek the legal representation to which they are entitled in such situations. Relying on the insurance company to give you a fair deal is a serious mistake.

Having represented the victims of negligence for over 30 years, we can tell you that this fair deal rarely materializes if insurance companies get their way. That’s why you need the services of the Renton car accident lawyers of the Bernard Law Group.

We’ve established ourselves as one of the best law firms in the state through our proven methods. These methods involve the careful application of pertinent law, the gathering and analysis of crucial evidence to prove your case, and hiring trial experts like medical personnel and accident reconstruction specialist to provide testimony on your behalf.

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What Factors Affect Your Claim?

Before we do any of that, however, it’s important to have an auto accident law firm evaluate your claim to see what kind of settlement we can reach. In doing so, it’s necessary to look at a variety of factors in your automotive accident:

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  • Who are the guilty parties in your accident? The answer may be more complex than first believed, encompassing those responsible for not properly correcting road hazards or for manufacturing a defective part that could have led to the accident
  • What are your injuries and how have they affected your life? Some injuries may be obvious, but others may take months or years to become apparent, imposing additional debt upon the victim
  • What are you and the liable person’s insurance limits? Knowing the answer to this can enable us to garner you a fair and reasonable compensation for your injuries

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To find out the answers to these questions and more, contact Bernard right away for a free consultation. A member of our expert legal staff if standing by. You can call our toll-free number around the clock or else fill out the form on this page and we will be with you right away.

Know Your Damage Amounts

To prepare for your consultation and subsequent case, it’s also important to keep good track of all economic damages imposed as a result of the accident. Items that can be useful in gaining compensation for the total expenses of the accident include medical bills, receipts, income tax returns, and pay stubs that prove lost income.

No Win Means No Financial Obligation

Our services also come with a guarantee not to take a dime until you get paid. We don’t think it’s right to draw a fee if we don’t settle or win your case at trial. We hope this further demonstrates our commitment to you.

Don’t rely on a profit-driven insurance company to get you a fair deal. Contact the Bernard Law Group today.

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