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How to Deal with Insurance Companies

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident and are filing a personal injury claim, you will inevitably have to deal with insurance companies — both your own and the company of the person responsible for your injuries. Knowing how to deal with these firms can help your case, and your sanity.

Understanding The Process

If an insurance adjuster shows up at the scene of the accident, keep in mind that you do not, and should not, give out any information other than how to contact you and your motorcycle accident lawyer. You must cooperate fully with police and EMS on the scene. The insurance adjuster may try to take advantage of your excited, adrenaline-infused state and try to get you to say something that could be used against you later.

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If you think you will be involved in a personal injury case, contact your lawyer before you speak to any insurance representative. Your lawyer will help protect your rights under the law and will notify you of what is appropriate to answer, and what is not, when an insurance adjuster comes calling.

When filing your claim, make sure you to do so as early as possible. While most states have laws that place time restrictions on how long the insurance company has to respond to your claim, the process can be drawn out for several months, so starting early is always a good idea.

Start a log as soon as you are able. Record the dates, times, names, and details of any correspondence between you and all parties involved in the resolution of your case. This log may prove to be an invaluable tool later on if your case goes to court.

Be sure you get the full value of your insurance policy. Don’t settle for less, especially if you have extensive injuries or property damage as a result of your accident. You paid for your policy and are entitled to the full payout value.

Document your own evidence. Take pictures of the accident scene if you are able, or call someone else right away to take photographs for you. Record every detail you can think of including witness statements and submit this to your attorney.

If an insurance adjuster provides you with an estimate of the damage to your motorcycle, be sure to get a second opinion from another source. In fact, get several estimates from well-known repair shops in your area to compare with the estimate you have been quoted. This will ensure that you are getting a fair price for the value of your motorcycle, or enough cash to complete repairs.

Knowing your rights is the best way to ensure you will be treated fairly. Contact a qualified attorney as soon as possible if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident.


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