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Motorcycle Accident FAQ

Bernard Law Group’s Motorcycle Accident FAQ

Bernard Law Group’s motorcycle accident lawyers provide useful information for people with questions following motorcycle accidents.

Should you file a personal injury lawsuit to seek justice for your injuries? If so, how do you go about filing a personal injury claim?

Find out who is legally responsible and how to proceed after a crash with our motorcycle accident FAQ.

If you have additional motorcycle accident questions and want expert legal advice contact us today. Get the answers you need and the help you deserve!


Q. Who is liable for a motorcycle accident in a personal injury claim?

A. Anyone who contributes to the cause of a motorcycle accident can be held liable. This includes another motorcyclist, the driver of another vehicle, or even the party responsible for maintaining roads. In the case of an injured passenger, the motorcycle operator might be liable.

Q. Can I file a personal injury claim against another party if I was partially at fault for my motorcycle accident?

A. Yes, you can file a claim against anyone who is partially responsible for an accident. If experts determine that you are partially at fault, you might still have rights to a settlement. Other partially responsible parties are also liable.

Q. Can I file a lawsuit for a deceased family member to recover damages caused by a fatal motorcycle accident?

A. Yes, grieving family members can file a lawsuit against anyone found liable for contributing to fatal motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accident claims involving fatal crashes often result in fair compensation for surviving family members.

Q. Is riding a motorcycle more dangerous than riding in a car or other passenger vehicle?

A. Yes, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics, motorcycle riding is more dangerous than riding in other vehicle types. Motorcycle accidents result in injuries or death more often than accidents involving passenger vehicles.

Motorcyclists are about three times more likely to suffer injuries compared to people in other vehicle types. Additionally, motorcyclists are 18 times more likely to die in traffic accidents.

Q. What do I do if the driver that caused my motorcycle accident doesn’t have insurance?

A. First, check with your insurance company to see what expenses your uninsured motorist clause covers. After speaking with your insurance company, contact a personal injury lawyer to determine your eligibility for additional compensation.

Q. What if I was in a hit and run accident and don’t know who is responsible for my injuries?

A. Your insurance company’s uninsured motorist clause might provide coverage in this situation. It should help you pay for medical bills as well as covering repairs to your damaged motorcycle.

Q. Does the law require that I release medical information to the insurance adjuster?

A. No, the law doesn’t require the release of medical information to insurance adjusters by accident victims. An attorney should review and release all relevant medical information as needed.

Consult with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible if you receive a request for medical records. After securing representation, refer the insurance adjuster to your attorney for all future communication.

Q. How do I file a personal injury claim for a motorcycle wreck?

A. The first step to filing a personal injury claim for a motorcycle wreck is finding a reputable law firm. This holds true for any accident involving injuries, property damage, or worse.

Once you secure representation, your personal injury lawyer will determine if you have a case. If so, the attorney will explain the steps necessary to officially file your claim and pursue a settlement.

Q. Where do I find a good lawyer for my motorcycle accident claim?

A. Choosing a trusted and successful attorney is very important. Ask friends or family to recommend a law firm they used in the past. Additionally, you can read reviews of law firms near you on Google.

If you’re in Washington state, contact Bernard Law Group immediately!

Q. How much will I have to pay a lawyer to start my personal injury case following a motorcycle accident?

A. The amount paid to a lawyer varies by law firm. Some lawyers require an upfront retainer for services. Other law firms offer a no win, no fee arrangement that is beneficial for accident victims.

For example, top Washington law firm Bernard Law Group doesn’t require any upfront fees when they take personal injury cases. A client pays the law firm a pre-determined percentage of their compensation only if the firm wins their case.

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