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Dog Bite Victim Foots Bill On His Own

Dog bite victims are often seriously injured. As a result, many end up facing the hurdles of having to handle their own treatments on their own, without any help from the pet owner or an insurance company.

According to recent news reports, a man in another state is now stuck with the medical bills after an encounter with a hiker and his two dogs.

Reports claim that the man was running on a local trail when he saw a hiker with two dogs. While the dogs were on a leash, the retractable leashes were “broken” the victim said. As the man tried to go around the hiker, one of the dogs bit him on the knee. After the victim asked the pet owner for the dogs’ rabies tags, the dog owner became irritated, the victim told reporters. When dogs are in the woods, the victim said, they are supposed to have rabies tags. As he had been bitten and was bleeding, he thought it was prudent to ask the man for them.

The victim continued, explaining the dog owner he wasn’t trying to make a big deal out of it, he was just worried about rabies. The pet owner then became irritated, telling the victim not to take a photo of him.

After talking to officials at a Ranger station, the victim ended up in a hospital where he had to pay $700 to get treatment.

While this particular victim is lucky he had insurance, many others aren’t as rabies shots may cost thousands of dollars. In this case, the pet owner and his dogs were able to run away, but if you’re a victim of a similar dog bite incident, make sure to obtain information on the dogs and pet owner so that you may report them to the authorities. Too many victims of dog bite incidents end up seriously injured, having to undergo serious treatments that are both expensive and burdensome. They should not be left to foot the bill on their own.

Pet owners should remember that their pets are their responsibility and that they should be socialized and well trained. They should also be properly restrained while in public. If your dog has a history of aggression, it should also be properly muzzled.

For more on this story and how this victim dealt with the incident, follow this link.

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