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Toddlers Seriously Injured After Dog Bite Incident

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Two children were seriously injured last week during a dog bite incident and the toddlers’ mom was able to share the entire ordeal online. Their story is important because it teaches us a thing or two about the risks associated with allowing your dog to be let loose.

On Monday after Father’s Day, a pit bull became loose and escaped its owner’s yard. As a result, the dog attacked the two children who were being taken out of their mom’s car. On Tuesday, the two kids were recovering after being subject to hours of surgery at a local Children’s Hospital.

The young girl had her face attacked by the dog first, then, after the mom was able to remove the dog from the top of her girl, the animal attacked the boy, knocking him to the ground. As the mother tried to remove the dog from her second child, she suffered several puncture wounds in her hands, arm, and even neck. While the mother was pregnant at the time, the baby wasn’t harmed.

She was able to call 911 after the ordeal but was afraid an ambulance was going to take too long, so she drove her children to the hospital. Her son’s surgery took up to nine hours to be finished, then her daughter was next.

As her children heal, the mother and father are struggling to pay for the mounting medical bills associated with this tragic incident.

We’re heartbroken about this tragic incident and hope that authorities did something about the dog involved in this incident and its owner. Pet owners whose dogs put the lives of others in danger should pay for their mistakes so that others may learn a lesson.

We hope the two children are recovering fully and quickly after this tragic incident. We also hope they are able to get the financial help they need at this time.

For more on this incident, follow this link for more details and for more information on how to help.

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