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How to Act After a Dog Bite Incident

Dog attacks are, unfortunately, very common. For Seattle, Washington residents or anyone else living in the Evergreen State, this reality is all too common, but still, many are not aware of how they should proceed in case of a dog bite incident.

First and foremost, safety advocates and doctors say, the victim should be concerned about infections. Instead of ignoring the wound, finding a primary care provider will give you access to the help you need to identify whether you may need to go to the hospital.

But immediately after a dog bite, victims are urged to press on the wound gently so blood is allowed to flow slightly. This step will help to flush out some bacteria.

After this first step, the victim must wash the wound with mild soap and water then use a clean cloth to slow the bleeding.

Once the bleeding has slowed considerably, apply over-the-counter antibiotic cream if available. Use sterile bandage to wrap the wound and keep it that way until you’re able to have access to a physician.

Make sure to keep an eye for signs of infection, which could include redness, swelling, increased pain, and, oftentimes fever.

In 50 percent of the cases, experts say, dog bites introduce bacteria, which may include capnocytophaga, staphylococcus, streptococcus, and pasteurella. If the dog involved in the attack hasn’t been vaccinated, you may be exposed to rabies, so make sure you tell everything you know to the doctor, and do not forget to collect evidence of the attack.

If it’s a dog you’re familiar with, stay in touch with the dog’s owner.

In order to make sure your medical bills are fully covered and that any loss of wages is also covered after the incident, reach out to us for a free evaluation of you dog bite case.

For more tips on how to make sure you dog bite wound is taken care of properly, make sure to visit this link.

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