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5 Things You Should Know About Personal Injury Cases

Most people involved in a personal injury claim have never had any experience with the process, and have no idea what to expect. Should you hire a lawyer? How long will the process take? Will I have to go to court? Will there be a trial? Should I settle out of court? What settlement price should I ask for? Before you make any concrete decisions about your personal injury claim, there are a few things you should know.

  • Not all personal injury cases require legal representation, court appearances or trials. Many personal injury cases are settled out of court, and many are handled by the injured person directly. Some cases are settled in a mediation meeting between the injured person and the insurance adjuster and never see a courtroom. Most cases are settled long before they reach the trial process. If you are unsure if your case requires legal representation, consult a personal injury lawyer for advice.
  • Mediation is common. Your case may go to mediation with an insurance adjuster. During this process, your lawyer will attempt to settle the case out of court. The insurance adjuster usually offers a settlement that is well below the initial claim. You do not have to settle for a lesser settlement than what you think your personal injury is worth. Many people feel that a compromise is necessary to avoid ending up with nothing. You can engage in aggressive negotiations or wait until your case goes to court and argue for the original settlement price.
  • Immediate results are rare. Most often, personal injury cases take months or years to settle. Very rarely are these types of cases settled without a fight. You will need to prepare for a lengthy battle and may need to secure alternate sources of income during the settlement process.
  • Many personal injury plaintiffs underestimate the monetary value of their settlement. Because it is very difficult to place a price tag on a personal injury claim, many people ask for a settlement that is well below what their claim is realistically worth. Don’t sell yourself short; get legal help determining the value of your claim even if you plan to represent yourself in the legal process.
  • Not all personal injury cases are won. While the majority of people try their best to establish a solid personal injury cases, the simple fact is that not all of these cases end in a favorable situation for the injured person. Some simply fail to prove fault, while others should never have sought settlement in the first place. No matter the reason for losing, some claims are denied. If you file a personal injury claim, you must be prepared to risk losing your claim and should prepare for that possibility. While your case is in deliberation, you should continue to pay your medical bills, seek medical treatment for your injuries, and secure an alternate source of income that is approved by your team of healthcare professionals caring for you during your recovery process.

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The personal injury claim process can be a stressful and complicated event, but arming yourself with knowledge, seeking the advice of a personal injury lawyer, and caring for yourself during this time will help keep you healthy and on track while your case is decided.


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