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Ten Essential Home Safety Tips

Improving the safety of your home both for you and your loved ones is one of those important things on your to-do list that never seems to be complete.

Many of the tasks are ongoing: checking the batteries in the smoke detector, maintaining the fire extinguishers, changing the furnace filter, and cleaning out the medicine cabinet. Even if you are attending to those regular chores, there are still some key items you should add to your home safety list. Especially if you have little ones running around.

That’s why Bernard Law Group decided to put this list together to help you avoid personal injury incidents at home .

Avoid Falls By Securing All Rugs

Secure your throw rugs. Area rugs can provide a real safety hazard. Install double-sided tape or grip mats under each rug, or if possible, remove area rugs from high traffic walkways altogether.

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Keep Children Away From Water If Unattended

Kids like water. And they like to make a splash. But whether it is your bathtub or a pool, children are not the best at keeping an eye out for the dangers while having fun. Especially the little ones.

Even if you have older kids in the house, make sure to always be around. Also, never let the water level be higher than your child’s waist line.

When letting children enjoy the pool, explain to them and teach them to never push one another.

Lock Or Secure Cabinet Doors

Household cleaning products can be dangerous to children. Depending on the ingredients and how much they may ingest, they can also be deadly. Locking or child-proofing your cabinet doors whether in the kitchen, laundry room, or bathrooms is one of the most important steps you should take to keep your little ones safe.

Check Window Locks To Avoid Injury

Check your window locks. Window locks can break or wear out just like any other item, and this is one to-do item that often gets overlooked. Check each window lock for loose parts or broken hinges and replace as needed. This is also a good time to inspect each window for damaged or loose panels intruders could exploit to gain access to your home.

Secure Wiring And Cover All Outlets

electrical hazard personal injury Since we’re talking about the safety of our children, remember that outlets and loose wiring will be the first thing they will go to.

Children are naturally curious, so checking for potentially damaged wiring, making sure loose wires are hidden, and covering all outlets or childproof covers is essential in ensuring they aren’t going to experience any incident that could put them in the hospital.

Repair Damaged Walkways

Repair damaged walkways and railings. Winter can be rough on concrete, and your walkways, patios, and porches may suffer from cracks and crumbling come spring. Repairing these uneven walking surfaces is vital to keeping your home safe for you and for your visitors. Also monitor the condition of steps and railings.

Check Utility Lines For Leaks

Look at your ground fault outlets and main utilities like gas lines, breaker boxes, and water pipes. Leaky pipes, frayed wires, faulty wiring, and gas leaks can all pose potential safety hazards that are easily avoided with regular inspections.

Install Fire And Smoke Detectors

If you’re a homeowner or you have recently had to  have your home inspected, you’re more than likely to have already these features in your house. However, many of you may still not beware of the importance of having functional detectors around the house.

If you already have them, check their batteries regularly and make sure they are working properly. Fires can damage your home and make you lose property. But most importantly, house fires can claim lives.

Avoid Serious Injury By Not Misplacing Sharp And Electrical Objects

Whether it’s in the kitchen or in the bathroom, knives and electrical objects can pose a serious harm to you and children.

Knives should never be misplaced and electrical objects should never be anywhere near water sources.

Appliances should be given enough space between one another to avoid overheating. And sharp items should not be left out where children have easy access to them.

Buy A Fire Extinguisher fire product liability

While smoke and fire detectors are essential and will help in case of an emergency, there are smaller fires that can be controlled if you have the right tools. Extinguishers should always be at hand. Even if you think you don’t need them.

If you already have them, check them periodically to make sure they haven’t expired.

This could save a life.

Avoid Personal Injury Incidents At Home And Sleep Better At Night

Keeping your home safe is an essential part of being a responsible homeowner. While these items may seem like a rote part of home maintenance, they are important steps that help keep your home a hazard-free environment for yourself and for visitors.

Still, many accidents may happen because of product or equipment failure that is beyond your control.

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