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Improving Your Visibility as a Pedestrian

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A pedestrian is injured in the United States every eight minutes. Motorists commonly say they “never saw” the person on foot in the crosswalk or on the street. By taking a few simple steps to improve their visibility, pedestrians can greatly reduce their chances of being hit.

  • Walk on sidewalks whenever possible. Car drivers are expecting pedestrians to be on the sidewalk. When you are on the road you are significantly closer to the cars and more likely to be hit by traffic.
  • Walk facing traffic. When there is no sidewalk, you should walk on the left hand side facing traffic. While facing traffic will not necessarily make you more visible, it will help you see dangers ahead.
  • Cross at intersections and marked crosswalks. Drivers are not expecting pedestrians to cross where they aren’t suppose to. Even if you are at an intersection with the right of way or within a crosswalk, always wait for vehicles to stop before entering traffic.
  • When in doubt, wait. Drivers may be distracted, fail to yield right-of-way, or drive at a high rate of speed. Do not take a chance.
  • Look both ways. What you were told as a child — look left, look right and then look left again — still holds true..
  • Make eye contact. When crossing in front of a vehicle, make eye contact with the driver or put your hand up to draw attention. The driver my not have seen you just because he or she stopped.
  • Make yourself hard to miss. Wearing bright colors and reflective gear at night can greatly increase your chances of being seen. Do not cross the street wearing dark clothes especially at night.
  • Carry a flashlight at night. Some areas may be poorly lit. Having a flashlight handy will not only help you to see, it will help oncoming traffic see you as well.
  • Stay out of a driver’s blind spot. All drivers have blind spots. Make a determination as to where these blind spots are and avoid them.
  • Be visible in bad weather. If you are walking in the rain or snow, please make sure that your umbrella or raincoat does not prevent approaching vehicles from seeing you.

It’s always advisable to take precautions, but sometimes pedestrian accidents are still unavoidable. The driver of the other vehicle could be impaired, distracted, or driving recklessly. If you have been injured by a negligent driver, please contact the experienced attorneys with the Bernard Law Group for a free and comprehensive consultation.


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