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How much is a pedestrian accident worth?

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Every accident case must be examined on its own merits Calculating the amount a victim is eligible to receive can best be broken down into two parts:

  • What are the damages from the accident?
  • What percent is the victim at fault for the event?


These could include:

Medical Expenses: This covers all medical expenses you have accrued following the accident. Victims can seek compensation for all doctor’s fees, emergency room bills, rehabilitation and chiropractic costs, and even any medical devices required such as crutches or prosthetics. This could also include any short-term or long-term care required.

Lost Wages: You can recover the wages you would have earned had you not been injured.

Lost Future Earnings or Loss of Earning Capacity: If your injury directly affects your ability to work in the future, you may be eligible for loss of earning capacity. This may prove more difficult to calculate, as a jury will have to determine how much you might have made in the future had the accident not taken place.

Pain and Suffering: A jury will review the severity of your injuries and how long those injuries will last. The amount of actual physical pain you suffered, and continue to suffer, will also be considered.

Mental Anguish: This is an attempt to put a monetary value on the mental pain and emotional trauma you have endured after the incident. Did the accident and injury cause you continued grief, shock, stress, fright, humiliation, or embarrassment? If you are disfigured and attempting to cope with that fact, you may be eligible for compensation for that mental anguish.

Loss of Consortium: This is a way for the spouse of the victim to recover damages when the relationship is affected by the injuries suffered from the accident.


The degree to which you are at fault for the accident will determine how much you are eligible to receive. For example, if you were 25 percent at fault for the accident, you will eligible for 75 percent of the compensation. Calculations of this nature are a compelling reason to seek the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Insurance companies will make every attempt to reduce the value of your claim by holding you at-fault for the accident or minimizing the severity of your injuries. A lawyer will be able to conduct a thorough and independent investigation, examine physical evidence, interview witnesses, and strengthen your claim.

The Bernard Law Group has been fighting for the rights of accident victims for decades. We understand insurance law in the state of Washington. We have an in-house accident investigator and insurance expert who will help gather the facts and evidence needed to bolster your claim. We possess the resources, experience and skills necessary to obtain fair compensation for our clients. Call us today for a free consultation and comprehensive evaluation of your claim.


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