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Driving Directions

From WA-520 W: Merge onto WA-520 W. Merge onto I-5 South toward Portland using any lane. Take exit 167 for Mercer St. toward Seattle Center in 1.2 miles. Continue onto Mercer St. and turn right onto Dexter Ave North. Turn left at the first cross street onto Roy St. and turn right onto Aurora Ave. North. We’re located on the right.

From WA-99 S: Take WA-99 S/ toward Aurora Ave N. to Dexter Way North. Then take a slight right onto Dexter Way N. and follow signs for Dexter Avenue North. Turn right onto Dexter Ave North. We’re located on the right.

From WA-99 N: Merge onto WA-99 N and follow the road until it becomes Aurora Ave. Approximately 1.1 miles. We’re located on the right.

From I-5 S: Get on I-5 S. and continue to exit 167 to Mercer St. Continue onto Mercer St., then turn right onto Dexter Ave North. Turn left at the first cross street onto Roy St., then turn right onto Aurora Ave North. We’re located on the right.

From I-90 W: Head west on I-90 W then use the right two lanes to take exit 2C for I-5 North toward Vancouver B.C. Remain right and follow signs for Madison St./Convention Pl., then, merge onto 7th Ave. Continue onto Hubbell Pl. and turn right onto Pike St. Turn left at the first cross street onto Boren Ave and use the left lane to turn right onto Fairview Ave. Using the two left lanes, turn left onto Denny Way, turn right onto Aurora Ave North, and take the ramp onto Aurora Ave North. Merge onto Aurora Ave North and follow signs for Mercer St., we’re located on the right.

Seattle Address

900 Aurora Avenue North
Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98109
Voice: (206) 298-9900 • Fax: (206) 285-9400

Best Personal Injury Lawyer Washington State

Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in an accident, it can seem like the world has turned against you. Bills for your extensive medical treatments are piling up. You may be unable to return to your job. Money isn’t coming in to pay off those bills, and to top it all off, the parties whose negligence caused the whole mess are trying to dodge responsibility for their actions.

The attorneys at the Bernard Law Group have been fighting for the rights of victims for more than 30 years in unfair situations just like yours. We have an outstanding success rate and have recovered more than $250 million for our clients. With the advice and counsel of a skilled attorney, the problems that seem insurmountable at the moment can be brought to a successful and just conclusion.

We Are Located in Spokane, Vancouver and Many Numerous Areas:

Our expertise extends across a wide range of practice areas and injuries.

With more than 10,000 clients served, our firm stands out for its established legal acumen and scrupulous attention to detail. We have valuable experience representing the victims of accidents involving:


There’s nothing we won’t do within the means of the law for our clients. We’ll analyze every aspect of the accident to ensure that no liable party is left undiscovered, and no piece of evidence is overlooked.

With the facts of the case established, we will then negotiate with insurance companies using proven tactics in order to achieve the highest and fairest amount of compensation. This restitution will cover damages for, but not limited to: medical bills, physical pain, emotional distress, vehicle repair costs, lost income, and any other incidental expenses.

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