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How to Beat the Insurance Company

Identify all witnesses so there will be someone to support your case if it goes to court. Get all relevant contact information at the scene. When you interview witnesses, ask them what they saw, and make a note of phrases they used like “slammed into,” “plowed,” “speeding,” or “he ran the red light.”

Some people believe that there are insurance companies who send adjusters to the scene of an accident in order to catch people off guard, asking incriminating questions, or to have them sign away any rights they may have to future compensation. It’s wise to be cautious about all insurance representatives present at the scene of an auto accident.

To avoid being questioned about your injury by an adjuster, schedule a doctor’s appointment as soon as possible after the accident.

We are frequently asked by adjusters, “If your client was truly hurt, why did he wait so long to see a doctor?” The sooner you seek medical attention, the better.

Immediately after the accident, take pictures of your car

A picture taken at the accident scene is difficult to dispute. Photographing the damage supports the story you are telling. If you can, also take pictures of the other cars involved in the accident. Some people carry a small, inexpensive camera in their glove compartment for these types of situations. Also, many cell phones are equipped with a camera feature and can be used for this purpose.

Also, take pictures of your injuries before they heal. Bruises and other injuries disappear over time. When the insurance adjuster is arguing that the crash was not very significant, pictures of your bruises and other injuries will help solidify your claim of injury.

Keep notes about your injuries

As weeks or months pass after an accident, you might forget how it hurt just to get dressed after your accident, or to perform other normal, daily tasks. The adjuster will try to make it seem like any description you give is an exaggeration. Keep track of any pain medications you may be prescribed. Obtain letters from your employer and family describing how the injury changed your life. These kinds of written documents are invaluable when negotiating with an insurer or presenting your claim to a judge and jury.

Keep receipts

because the adjuster will ask for proof of anything you claim as an expense

You should definitely keep receipts for prescriptions, household services made necessary by your injuries, car rentals, and other ancillary costs. You must be able to prove every expense.

The insurance adjuster may try to tell you that your claim is worth much less than it really is.
Without legal help from qualified attorneys like those at the Bernard Law Group, you may have no idea of the real value of your claim. It is the adjuster’s job to save the insurance company money by settling your claim for as little as possible.

The bottom line is this simple. The insurance company is NOT on your side

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The goal of the insurance company is to make as much money as possible. They do this by giving you as little as possible. Whether you choose the Bernard Law Group to represent you or not, you need an experienced, tough law firm on your side. Don’t try to handle it alone.

If you do decide to work with the Bernard Law Group, we will prepare your case so that you obtain the maximum results possible. Allow us to take care of everything for you and to fight the insurance companies on your behalf.

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