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EzriCare Eye Drops Lawsuits

Countless Patients Affected By Artificial Tears Linked To Bacterial Infection Outbreak

EzriCare Eye Drops Lawsuits in Washington State, Seattle The company behind EzriCare Artificial Tears is under fire after a large number of victims reported suffering from Pseudomonas aeruginosa (CRPA) infections after using the product. The infection is caused by a bacterium that is resistant to certain antibiotics, making it hard to treat. According to tests carried out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), bottles of EzriCare Artificial Tears contained CRPA. Following the tests, regulators issued warnings to doctors and patients urging them to discontinue the use of the eye drops until they can conclude further investigations and laboratory analyses.

Dozens Of Patients Fall Ill, One Dies, After Using EzriCare Artificial Tears

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) reported 58 cases of health-related issues associated with the EzriCare eye drops. At least one person died and several others suffered permanent loss of vision. Victims are residents of the following 12 states:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Nevada
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

Infection Behind EzriCare Eye Drops Caused By Rare Strain

The CDC reported that their test found Verona Integron-mediated Metallo-β-lactamase (VIM) and Guiana-Extended Spectrum-β-Lactamase (GES)-producing carbapenem-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa (VIM-GES-CRPA), a rare strain of bacteria, in the affected eye drops. Regulators had never seen this strain in the United States before this outbreak.

Due to the presence of this bacterial strain, officials said, CRPA infections might be on the rise.

Starting February 2, Global Pharma Healthcare recalled the EzriCare Artificial Tears brand. The multi-dose bottles were distributed by EzriCare and Delsam Pharma. Patients use the preservative-free products multiple times after the bottles are opened, increasing the risk of overgrown bacteria.

Do You Have The Recalled Eye Drops?

The artificial tears linked to the recall and the several infection reports come with the following product codes:

  • EzriCare NDC 79503-0101-15, UPC 3 79503 10115 7
  • Delsam Pharma’s NDC 72570-121-15, UPC-72570-0121-15

Impacted items were sold in carton boxes and had a safety seal. Following several reports of illnesses, FDA regulators expanded the initial February 2 recall, adding Delsam Pharma’s Artificial Eye Ointment to the list of potentially contaminated items. The suspected microbial contamination can expose patients to various health conditions, increasing the risk of serious and even deadly conditions.

Patients Complain Of Adverse Illnesses, File Lawsuits

Patients began filing lawsuits over EzriCare Artificial Tears on February 10, 2023. They complain of a series of health issues associated with the recalled products.

If you or a loved one in Washington state used Delsam Pharma or EzriCare Artificial Tears and suffered eye infections, vision loss, or other related illnesses, you may be eligible to file an EzriCare eye drops lawsuit. Call us at 1-800-418-8282 to learn more and obtain a free case review.

Because of statutes of limitations, patients who suffered as a result of their Delsam Pharma or EzriCare Artificial Tears use have a limited amount of time to act. If you care about your health and justice, you can hold the manufacturer responsible in a court of law.

What Is Pseudomonas Aeruginosa?

A common type of bacteria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa (CRPA) is found in many elements of our environment such as the soil. When exposed to humans, this type of bacteria can cause infections that can affect the lungs and other parts of the body. When exposed to the patient’s eyes, CRPA can lead to infections known as conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye, keratitis, which is the inflammation of the cornea, and endophthalmitis, which is the inflammation within the eye. If you or a loved one has suffered any of these conditions or similar infections after being exposed to Delsam Pharma or EzriCare Artificial Tears, you might be entitled to compensation.

What Are The Infections Related To Delsam Pharma And EzriCare Artificial Tears?

If you are not sure whether you are suffering from infections related to contaminated eye drops, we put a list of symptoms of CRPA eye infections and related diseases below.

If you have any of the following symptoms and you have regularly used Delsam Pharma or EzriCare Artificial Tears, you might have been a victim.

  • Redness
  • Inflammation
  • Increased tear production
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Eye discharge
  • Blurred vision
  • Difficulty closing your eyelids, urge to rub your eyes
  • Sensitivity to light

EzriCare CRPA Infection Treatments: What Are My Options?

If you suspect you’re suffering the symptoms of an eye infection caused by EzriCare artificial tears, seek the help of a physician.

Your doctor might prescribe a series of potential treatments. They may include:

  • Antibiotic eye drops
  • Intravenous antibiotics
  • Antifungal medications
  • Corticosteroids
  • Therapy combining antibiotics and other medications
  • Drainage or removal of infected tissue
  • Surgery

Due to CRPA’s resistance to certain types of antibiotics, doctors will be limited in what type of medications they can prescribe to a suffering patient.


Am I Eligible To File A EzriCare Eye Drops Lawsuit?

EzriCare Eye Drops Lawsuits in Washington State, Seattle If you or a loved one used the recalled and potentially contaminated eye drops and eye ointment, you might be eligible for compensation. At Bernard Law Group, we know that people who suffer as a result of a negligent company and its actions often feel alone. They might think they have nowhere to run to, feeling abandoned by the very medical and pharmaceutical companies that were supposed to have their best interest at heart.

Our attorneys are ready to listen to your personal story, giving you the guidance you need so that you are aware of what your legal options are. Our team has the experience and resources to help you with your case, guiding you through every step of the way, and what’s best, you do not have to pay us a dime until we win your case.

Working with an experienced EzriCare attorney in Washington state will give you the peace of mind you need to recover after your ordeal.

At Bernard Law Group, our team of experienced attorneys can help you:

  • Check if you are eligible to file an EzriCare lawsuit
  • Help you gather and organize evidence pertaining to your case
  • Aid you in identifying evidence you might not have initially thought useful for your case
  • File your lawsuit
  • Fight for you and your case in a court trial

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