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Western Washington Sees 95 Crashes Tuesday Morning Due To Icy Roads

Just a few weeks after Washington officials warned drivers that bad weather was going to expose them to accident risks, officials reported that icy road conditions were responsible for at least 95 accidents in western Washington this Tuesday morning alone. 

Slippery Roads In Western Washington Behind Uptick In Crashes

Dozens of traffic accidents were reported following freezing overnight temperatures that created dangerous driving conditions in Pierce and Thurston counties. 

While Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) officials cleared up the road overnight, the section between Lacey and Tacoma was “a tough go.” 

By 9:15 a.m. on Tuesday, law enforcement from Pierce and Thurston counties had responded to 95 accidents. At least 63 of the crashes were reported in Pierce County while the other 32 took place in Thurston county. Thankfully, officials registered no injuries. 

Law Enforcement, National Weather Service Urged Caution To Avoid Accidents

Freezing temperatures prompted the National Weather Service to warn drivers they should use caution early Tuesday morning to avoid crashes, especially on bridges and elevated surfaces. In Puyallup, the school district warned parents and students that the icy roads could pose severe accident risks and that school buses “may experience minor delays.” 

“Deteriorating road conditions” were also to blame for a two-hour delayed start for students at the Bethel School District. 

In both Olympia and Lakewood, law enforcement officials urged drivers to slow down and increase the following distance from the car ahead in order to avoid rear-end collisions. 

Despite the warnings issued by officials, many drivers still managed to collide due to the slippery roads. 

Drivers: Follow These Safety Tips, Prevent Collisions

When driving through freezing temperatures or snow, drivers must keep in mind that slowing down and maintaining a greater distance between their cars and the vehicles ahead of them can help prevent accidents. Additionally, activities such as distracted driving, drunk driving, and drowsy driving can also contribute to accidents. 

Before hitting the road, check the weather reports and the road condition apps developed by WSDOT for more information. If you can avoid driving following a major temperature drop or a snowstorm, do so. This can help you to avoid collisions.   

For more information on the dozens of accidents reported this Tuesday, follow this link.

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