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WA Officials To Travelers: Plan Ahead This Thanksgiving To Avoid Crashes

As we prepare for Thanksgiving, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is urging drivers to plan ahead to avoid accidents and enjoy stress-free holiday travel.

Due to the cold weather, officials believe that fog and icy road conditions are bound to make traveling to certain locations harder than ever. To avoid accidents, officials are asking drivers to be prepared for winter driving and extra traffic and congestion. 

Asking travelers to “know before you go,” officials are urging all to plan ahead by staying informed on weather and road conditions before and during their travels. 

To plan the perfect Thanksgiving road trip, drivers should use the time chart tools offered by WSDOT, stay on top of restrictions, weather reports, and alerts by checking out the WSDOT travel map often, and download the agency’s app for real time travel data. If going over a pass, check its conditions by using the agency’s mountain passes page and always check current chain and traction requirements beforehand. Furthermore, carry chains and other winter driving essentials in your vehicle at all times. 

WSDOT Staffing Challenges Can Delay Your Thanksgiving Travels

While the WSDOT said it will not stop plowing roadways through the winter, staffing challenges caused by the pandemic and other related issues will certainly affect their service. That means that some roads will have snow or ice on them for longer periods of time while some mountain passes might be closed for longer than usual. Because many roads might not get plowed as often as in the past, officials are urging travelers to be especially prepared. 

Plan your trip ahead of time and keep it in mind that officials need drivers’ help in preventing avoidable closures.

By staying prepared, driving safely, and never speeding, travelers will help to prevent accidents and keep roads clear.

For more tips on how to enjoy a safe Thanksgiving trip from Washington officials, follow this link.

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