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Washington’s Deadly Auto Accident Rates Surge As Nationwide Numbers Drop

As we have highlighted previously, the surge in deadly auto accidents in the state of Washington is an issue that law enforcement officials continue to deal with since the start of the pandemic.

In a recent article published by The Seattle Times, the author explains that it might seem counterintuitive that the period in Washington’s recent history in which there were fewer vehicles on the streets turned out to be one of the deadliest. However, the fact is that traffic fatalities began to surge when stay-at-home orders were put in place. 

While this issue isn’t exclusive to the state of Washington, as federal regulators have registered an increase in deadly traffic accidents across the country in 2020 and 2021, Washington is among the worst states in 2022. 

WA Registers 31% Increase In Traffic Fatalities In 2022

While the rates of deadly auto accidents went up nearly across the country after the pandemic began, the rates have since dropped in most U.S. states. In Washington, however, officials registered 327 deaths related to traffic accidents in the first half of 2022, 78 more than in the first half of 2021.

What this 31% increase in deadly auto accident rates shows is that, while most of the country is seeing a drop in deadly crashes, Washington drivers, motorcyclists, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists are more vulnerable than ever.   

Washington Drivers’ Habits Put Them At Considerable Risk

According to research from Seattle-based QuoteWizard, driving habits Washington drivers picked up during the pandemic are not being dropped as the roads become more crowded. 

Ranging among the 10 states with the biggest jumps in traffic fatalities last year, Washington officials are witnessing speeding and aggressive behavior even as the state returns to pre-pandemic norms. 

So why is Washington faring so poorly when compared to other states? A senior research analyst with QuoteWizard told news outlets that, perhaps, Washington drivers are taking longer to get back to their pre-pandemic driving habits simply because Washington took longer to return to its pre-2020 state.

Whatever the case, drivers across the state must stay alert. Avoiding deadly auto accidents is everybody’s job. When you sit behind the wheel of a vehicle, you are taking responsibility. Driving responsibly means driving safely, following traffic rules, and paying attention to what is going on around and in front of you at all times.

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