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Despite Rise In Speed-Related Accidents, Seattle Drivers Drove Less In 2021

Kirkland-based data company INRIX analyzed the traffic data from the world’s most congested cities for a report. According to the firm’s findings, Seattle drivers spent an average of 30 hours in traffic congestion in 2021, a 59% drop in the amount of time spent in congestion when compared to traffic data from prior to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Post-Pandemic Trends: Drivers Are Less Afraid Of Going Places But Remain Cautious

Nationwide, the same trend was observed, with drivers spending a greater amount of time behind the wheel in 2021 than they did in 2020, but not quite as much as they spent in 2019. This is understandable, analysts explained. With the pandemic impacting everyday life well into 2021, people started to go places again. However, most remain cautious, meaning they are not traveling as often. 

In cities like Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia, drivers spent an average of 104, 102, and 90 hours respectively behind the wheel in 2021. But thanks to Seattle’s work-from-home culture (the city had the fourth-most employees across the country doing telework in 2020), analysts believe, the time Seattle drivers had to spend behind the wheel was dramatically shortened. 

Despite Lower Traffic, Accidents Concern Officials

As we’ve reported recently, the lower traffic congestion isn’t doing much to keep locals safe as Seattle’s personal injury accidents are on the rise. As we see more pedestrians suffer as a result, officials urge drivers to be especially careful during winter. 

Data Analysts: Pandemic Prompted Accident Rate Increase

A study conducted by insurance marketplace company Quote Wizard indicated that at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, speed-related crashes increased by 11% nationwide. 

According to the firm, while fewer people were hitting the roads then, drivers were traveling at faster rates of speed, increasing the number of traffic collisions. In the first half of 2021, things didn’t seem much different as the data showed that traffic fatalities rose by 16%. With the numbers showing no signs of slowing down, we hope our readers and clients remain cautious while behind the wheel. 

Avoid Personal Injury Accidents: Slow Down

Winter is a particularly dangerous time for drivers. With difficult weather conditions, roads become slippery and drivers have a harder time slowing down to avoid accidents. 

If you must drive this winter, remember to follow the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)’s recommendations, maintain your headlights and tail lights in proper working condition, and stay on top of weather-related news at all times. 

As personal injury attorneys we are well acquainted with the difficulties accident victims experience. Together, we can work diligently to help avoid crashes. 

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