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Washington Officials: Drivers Should Expect Longer Winter Road Closures

Longer winter road closures will be making the life of the average Washigntonian a bit more difficult, officials with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSOT). Especially if drivers fail to do their part and end up driving recklessly. 

According to a blog post published by the agency’s official website, many of Washington’s roads and passes “will be closed longer than normal during and after significant storms.” In addition, many roads won’t get plowed as often, making roads more likely to be covered in compact ice and snow for longer periods of time. 

“Especially during large storms or long-lasting ones, we won’t have a deep enough ‘bench’ of staff to respond 24/7 for several days throughout the storm,” officials added, encouraging drivers to stay alert and avoid traveling if road conditions are suboptimal. 

If drivers must hit the roads, however, there are ways they can avoid accidents.

“Lower speed limits in areas with variable speed limits” to avoid collisions, officials added. 

Be Prepared For Winter To Avoid Pass Closures, Accidents

Washington officials are urging drivers to remember that, every year, officials are forced to close passes after drivers crash or spin out due to going too fast for the road conditions. When drivers do not cooperate by following the law, slowing down, and making sure they are aware of weather conditions before leaving their homes, accidents happen. 

In order to help traffic authorities to keep roads safe, drivers should make sure their vehicles are packed with winter supplies and chain kits that will prove essential when snowstorms hit. Additionally, drivers should stay informed about road conditions both before leaving their homes and during their trip.

Speed and icy roads do not mix. Stay safe and help Washington state officials keep roads safe by following traffic rules.  

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