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Washington Officials: Prepare For Winter Driving To Avoid Crashes

As Washington braces for the colder months, traffic officials are urging drivers to begin preparing for winter driving. By taking certain precautions now, officials say, drivers will be less likely to be involved in traffic accidents. Unfortunately, drivers often ignore the risks associated with winter driving and forgo taking important safety precautions ahead of time. 

Winter Driving Can Be Dangerous: Avoid Accidents By Staying Informed

In order to help drivers prepare for the risks associated with winter driving, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has a cold weather driving web page where officials share tips and information to help keep Washingtonians safe during the colder months. 

First and foremost, WSDOT officials said, drivers should always “know before you go.” 

By staying informed and knowing ahead of time what roadways and passes aren’t clear can help save lives. Additionally, having the right winter driving equipment can help ensure that you won’t be stuck in a dangerous spot.

“This winter, being prepared and staying informed will be even more important because staffing shortages will affect our ability to clear roadways and passes as quickly as in years past,” WSDOT Maintenance Operations Manager James Morin said. 

While officials are working around the clock to keep roads safe during the coming winter storms, staffing challenges mean that certain locations may not get plowed as often. With more compact snow and ice staying on roadways for longer periods of time, drivers will be in greater danger. 

Be Prepared For Winter Driving By Following These Tips

The WSDOT urges drivers to download the WSDOT mobile app and follow its accounts on Twitter and Facebook to stay on top of news regarding road conditions. Additionally, drivers should always carry chains and check the current traction and chain requirements for mountain passes. 

Officials also urge drivers to follow their checklist to put together a kit of essential items for the winter months. 

For more on how to prepare for winter driving and avoid personal injury, follow this link.

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