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Thanksgiving Weekend: Officials Arrest 63 For DUIs In King County

It’s no secret that we see a rise in the number of traffic accidents during the holiday season. However, certain areas in Washington state are more vulnerable than others. As a result, accidents end up happening more often in those regions.

WA State Patrol officials say that during the Thanksgiving weekend, they arrested 63 drivers for drinking while driving in King County. In addition, officials say that at least two traffic accidents resulted in fatalities.

Officials say that the number of DUIs was so high they had to use a mobile impaired driving unit. Otherwise, they couldn’t process all lawbreakers. If they didn’t have this option, officers would be able to get back on the road to keep track of other offenders.

During Thanksgiving Weekend, Drivers Crashed Into Patrol Cars

Officials say that things were so crazy during Thanksgiving weekend that drivers crashed into at least three state troopers’ cars. One trooper suffered minor injuries.

In addition, two motorcycle riders crashed as well, resulting in at least one injury. Officials also arrested a rider for intoxicated driving.

On Saturday, officials reported a great deal of accidents, with one car drifting onto the shoulder and then crashing into a guardrail. Later that day, a four-car crash involving a woman who was going too fast for the road conditions resulted in serious injuries. And then on Sunday, another car veered off State Route 167, eventually crashing.

It’s saddening to think that the holiday season, which should be about bringing loved ones together, ends up becoming a time of grief for some families. We hope drivers across Washington state are taking note and planning their trips ahead. Keep it in mind that as more people hit the roads, the risk for accidents grows.

For more information on the accidents that happened during Thanksgiving weekend, follow this link for more details.

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