Safety Tips: Avoid Auto Accidents Involving Children This Summer

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Children shoes

Children shoes

Officials across the country are issuing safety reminders to parents and drivers this summer. They want to help motorists avoid accidents involving children.

We hope all Washington drivers are paying attention.

One of the first things drivers should beware of is that children are not as careful as adults when stepping onto the street. Keeping an eye out for little ones can save lives.

Avoid Auto Accidents By Keeping An Eye On The Road

Kids will eagerly jump into action to retrieve a rolling ball on the street without looking up. If drivers aren’t aware, accidents will ensue. That’s why officials urge motorists to stay alert.

Another potential risk involves driveways. When drivers are backing out, they should expect the unexpected. Kids could be lurking behind parked cars or reaching under them for toys. Being careful means avoiding accidents. And for that to happen, drivers must check twice behind them before taking off.

Parking lots can also be dangerous. Drivers must also check twice around their vehicles before backing up.

Teach Your Children To Safely Cross The Street

If, aside from being a driver you’re also a parent, you must teach your children to not only check both directions of the road twice before crossing, you must also teach them to make eye contact with drivers.

Children should always use crosswalks. And even if the “walk” signal is on, they must make sure that drivers see them. Also, teach them to avoid bumping into cars rolling out of driveways. Let them know they should check for vehicles coming out of driveways to avoid being hit.

Let your kids know to never play around park vehicles. Children are small and drivers may not seem them when getting ready to back up.

For more tips on how to avoid accidents involving children, follow this link.

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