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Slippery Road Season Is Here: WSP Urges Drivers To Avoid Accidents

Washington drivers know that when the temperature drops and the weather changes, roadways are about to get much slicker. That’s why the Washington State Patrol is urging drivers to beware of the risk. After all, accidents are more likely to happen when roads are slick.

The WSP’s Homeland Security Division is launching a campaign to alert drivers that being alert this time of the year is especially important. While traveling through the Washington State Ferry (WSF) terminals, they say, it’s particularly important to pay attention to potentially slick transition surfaces.

When the roads are wet or slippery, speeding becomes more dangerous, as drivers will fail to control their vehicles. That’s why it’s important that drivers do not speed up when the roadway conditions aren’t optimal.

In addition, officials remind drivers that as days are now shorter, more people will drive when it’s darker. That means that visibility will be an issue more often than not. So remember, speed, poor visibility, and slick roads do not make for a good combination.

To avoid being involved in an accident during the evening, keep an eye out for pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists.

While WSP officials will continue to enforce traffic rules, drivers must remember that they play an important role in avoiding accidents. After all, they are responsible for their own safety and the safety of others while operating their vehicle.

Being aware of road and weather conditions and acting accordingly is part of being a responsible driver. Unfortunately, many still ignore when roads are slippery, putting their lives and others in danger.

Avoid Accidents: Never Speed

As colder weather approaches, and Washington sees more rain and snow, drivers will have to plan ahead before hitting the road. That means that, sometimes, canceling a trip or postponing will be your only option.

But if you have to drive, you must understand that icy or slippery roads will make it harder for you to drive faster. When that time comes, slowing down is the best way to avoid accidents.

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