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Brake Problem Prompts Subaru To Launch US Recall

Many auto recalls are launched over issues that could lead to accidents and injuries. The latest recall campaign to involve an issue that could lead to accidents comes from Subaru.

The company recalled several Outback and Legacy vehicles over electronic parking brakes that may not act as they should.

Vehicles listed under this recall report include the 2010 through 2014 Subaru Outback and Subaru Legacy models. Only units that come with manual transmissions have the issue.

According to the company, the vehicles’ brake comes with an internal circuit board that could crack. This causes the electronic parking brake to become obsolete, making it impossible for the driver to engage it. Car owners whose vehicles may be impacted will get a warning in the form of a light on the vehicle’s instrument cluster. In this case, the vehicle will hold in place if left in gear but it may roll on an incline. This could lead to an accident as the vehicle may roll into another vehicle or a bystander.

Subaru announced that dealers will replace the magnetic rings with a more durable unit for free.

So far, the company reports, the issue resulted in no accidents or injuries.

Respond Promptly If A Recall Impacts Your Car

While this particular recall did not result in accidents or injuries, recalled vehicles are often a risk to drivers and their passengers. If you own a vehicle with an open recall, do all in your power to avoid an accident or another issue. Unfortunately, equipment problems are all too common and may pose you to dangers if you do not act accordingly.

We hope automakers continue to act promptly once they discover issues so that their vehicles are not exposing consumers to risks. Unfortunately, many companies still launch recalls only after accidents happen.

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