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Arizona Driver Killed In Accident Involving Car Fitted With Recalled Takata Airbags

Another deadly accident involving Takata airbags has just been reported in the United States, bringing the death toll to 26 worldwide. 

According to a series of news outlets, an August 20 accident in Mesa, Arizona, involving a 2002 Honda Civic caused the death of one person after the Takata airbag inflator containing ammonium nitrate exploded. Due to the strong blow, the metal canister ruptured, blowing shrapnel into the passenger compartment. 

Up until August, there had been 16 deaths caused by Takata airbags in America. The other deadly incidents happened in Australia and Malaysia. 

Due to the serious risk involving potentially explosive air bag systems produced by Takata, U.S. regulators with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration pressured the company to issue a nationwide recall impacting 63 million air bag inflators. Unfortunately, at least 11,1 million vehicles in America have yet to be repaired. Unless these vehicles are repaired immediately, millions of drivers and passengers are in danger of suffering serious and even deadly injuries in the event of an accident. 

In the Mesa, Arizona, accident, officials said, both the passenger and the driver’s side airbag inflators ruptured. 

Carmakers Have A Duty To Prevent Equipment-Related Car Accidents

Takata was reportedly aware of the issue behind the airbags that use ammonium nitrate to inflate long before recalls were launched. As a result, over a hundred people were injured while over 20 were killed. 

Now that millions of cars have been recalled, however, automakers are struggling to provide replacement air bags to all impacted vehicles. 

If you’re not sure whether your vehicle was impacted by the recall, you can visit the NHTSA’s website where you can look for open recalls using your car’s VIN. You can also sign up for recall alerts so you’re always on top of recalls that impact your car. 

For more on the deadly accident involving a vehicle fitted with the Takata airbag, follow this link

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