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Personal injury. The words probably don’t mean much until you’ve been in an accident, at which time the meaning hits home in a way that you probably never could have comprehended. An accident can leave you with injuries that require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation. You might not be able to go to your place of employment to earn the money that would pay off the bills that result from your injuries. And to top it all off, those parties that were liable for the accident that brought you to this juncture might be attempting to shift the blame elsewhere, maybe even to you.

This type of treatment isn’t fair, but the good news is that you don’t have to stand for it. The Wenatchee personal injury attorneys of the Bernard Law Group can help you put things right in your life again. We frankly think it’s despicable that the liable person or company responsible for your accident would try to avoid paying fair compensation. You’re entitled to fair restitution by law, and we want to assist you in getting it.

Are You A Car Accident Victim? Our Wenatchee Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

We have helped countless victims of Wenatchee car accidents. And we’re willing to call it quits until we get you the compensation you deserve.

Do Not Let Your Wenatchee Medical Malpractice Case Left Unaddressed

Medical errors kill thousands of Americans every year. And yet, many cases are never taken to court. Negligent doctors and medical staffs are never brought to justice. And countless victims never understand what went wrong.

If you or a loved one was the victim of medical malpractice in Wenatchee, contact our attorneys for a free case evaluation.

In Need Of A Wenatchee Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Injured while at work? Do not let a negligent employer get away with it.

If you’re in Wenatchee and you need legal guidance, our attorneys are ready to help. We have the resources to take your case as far as needed until you get justice.

Why Choose The Bernard Law Group?

For more than three decades, our firm has been fighting for the rights of accident victims just like you. In that time, we’ve been able to amass a whopping $250 million-plus for our clients. Our success rate is remarkably high, allowing us to tout such victories as:

  • $27 million jury verdict- A record amount of damages against the city of San Francisco, this money went to a grieving family in the wake of a tragic truck accident
  • $20.5 million verdict- These damages were awarded to a worker who ingested fumes from welding rods and was subsequently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease
  • $7.9 million settlement- This amount went to the victim of a truck driver who fell asleep at the wheel

These are just a few of our standout cases, and they don’t begin to encompass the success we’ve had on behalf of our clients. When you’ve been injured in an accident, you could be entitled to restitution for such things as medical bills, lost income, emotional and physical pain, and other incidental expenses that have been forced upon you by an accident.

We have experience across a number of accident areas, from defective medical devices to medical malpractice, auto accidents to workplace injuries, and everything in between. We have the legal expertise necessary to gain you proper compensation for all that you’ve been put through.

Call us today to get started on a free consultation. Our lines are open around the clock, so contact us at anytime to speak to a member of our expert legal staff.

Things can seem tough, but we want to make them better however we can. Contact the Yakima personal injury lawyers of the Bernard Law Group today.

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