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Federal Way Personal Injury Lawyer

Trust can seem pretty scarce when you’ve been involved in a personal injury accident.  You trusted the negligent party to provide you with a duty of care and they let you down.  You trusted an insurance company to provide you with compensation that would fully encompass the totality of an accident, but they’re questioning your honesty every step of the way.  Maybe you even trusted a workers’ comp claim to supply you with the funds that would keep you afloat until you were able to return to work, only to have that claim be denied. You need a Bernard Law Group Federal Way Lawyer.

Federal Way Dog Bite Personal Injury Attorneys

It’s disappointing that so many institutions have let you down, which is why, at the Bernard Law Group, we put a premium on trust.  You should be able to rely on the legal team you’ve hired to take on your case, and we won’t take the responsibility that’s been given to us lightly.

Attorneys You Can Trust

Our Federal Way personal injury lawyers have been helping Washington citizens for more than 30 years.  In doing, we’ve been able to establish a track record that we’re proud of.  Our attorneys don’t see you as just another number; we care about everyone who comes through our doors, and we’re going to do everything we can to make sure you have the best shot possible at compensation.

Personal injury can take many forms, and with three decades of legal dealings to draw from, we’ve seen just about all of them.  This allows us to put forth claims arising from a variety of different practice areas, including:

  • On-the-job Injuries
  • Auto Accidents
  • Premises Liability
  • Animal Attacks
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Defective devices (drugs, medical devices, and consumer products)

If you were injured in these incidents or any other, then you deserve the assistance of a legal team that has spent decades, not just years, helping Washington citizens.  Our attorneys understand the intricacies of the law and they know what it takes to put forth a successful legal claim.

Federal Way Medical Malpractice LawyersPerhaps nowhere is this more clear than with car accident lawsuits.  These can be complicated affairs given the various issues that may arise.  Sometimes, the negligent party is clear-cut, like a driver who had a few too many drinks and threw your entire life into turmoil as a result.  But at other times, negligence comes not from the action of an inattentive driver but as a result of a fleet operator that failed to conduct proper maintenance on a vehicle, or a road design that made the likelihood of an accident far greater than it should have been.

In order to prove that negligence occurred, our Federal Way car accident lawyers will leave no stone unturned.  That means that, in addition to negotiating with an insurance company to secure you rightful compensation, we’ll bolster your case by gathering witness testimony, interviewing experts, and recreating accidents using the high-end technology at our disposal.

It’s this attention to detail that has helped us achieve the track record we currently maintain.  It’s also why we won’t rest until you’ve gained compensation for a number of different facets of your accident, including:

  • Emotional Damage
  • Physical Pain
  • Vehicle Repair Costs
  • Lost Income
  • Medical Bills
  • Slip and Fall

If this sounds like the kind of legal representation you want in your corner, then call us today or fill out the form on this page to get started on your free consultation.  Our team wants to help you get your bearings, and this is the first step.  Let us guide you toward financial security.  Let us guide you toward a better life.

When everyone else has let you down, you need a lawyer you can trust.  You need the Bernard Law Group.