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Your Tesla Model X May Not Be That Safe After All

All too often, popular and trendy vehicles are recalled, forcing major news sources to break the story due to the model’s popularity. For any consumers, those are the only times drivers are warned about the potential risks associated with vehicle recalls. Unfortunately for many of us, all other recalls get buried in the news cycle, and car owners are never alerted until it’s too late. But when it comes to Tesla vehicles, everyone talks about the bad news, even those who don’t own one.

The latest auto recall to hit the news cycle involves Tesla vehicles. The Tesla Model X vehicles of the 2016 year make that were produced between September of 2015 and March of 2016 come with third row seat backs that could move forward in the event of a frontal collision.

If that occurs in a crash, occupants crushed by the weight of the seat due to the impact may experience serious injuries. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this issue is concerning. Due to the fact that the company has failed to meet important safety standards associated with the seating systems, this recall was deemed necessary.
While the company claims that all recalled vehicle owners will be contacted promptly, consumers with the recalled vehicles who are not contacted soon are urged to reach out to Tesla immediately.

The company should be able to have the affected row seats replaced entirely for free once recalled vehicles are inspected.

If you’re a driver, avoid ignoring recall reports. Many auto crashes occur because of equipment failure. And while companies should be held accountable for their mistakes, consumers who refuse to have their vehicles repaired when recalled may also have to face the consequences.

Avoid serious and even deadly crash risks by making sure your Tesla car is repaired promptly.

Hopefully, Tesla will be able to have all recalled vehicles repaired promptly. According to the NHTSA, over 2,000 vehicles have been listed under this recall.

Click here to read more details about this recall and learn more about how you should proceed.

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