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Your Pet’s Dog Food May Have Been Recalled

All too often, companies launch food recalls that could impact entire families. The latest, which comes from the Thogersen Family Farm brand, involves raw, ground pet food.

The Washington State Department of Agriculture tested a random sample of the product, finding it contained Listeria monocytogenes. Because this contamination is serious and may lead to severe illness, the firm issued the recall.

The firm listed the two-pound packs of course ground rabbit, course ground mallard duck, ground llama, and ground pork frozen raw pet food under its recall. It also indicated consumers may recognize the products by the packages. They show a large, white square label with the Thogersen name, product type, and its weight. Unfortunately, the company was not able to provide lot numbers or batch codes.

Not everyone knows the firm nationwide, but the Thogersen Family Farm provides pet food to individual consumers as well as two retail establishments. The farm breeds rabbits, dogs, ducks, goats, and others.

If your pet is exposed to Listeria monocytogenes, it may experience fevers and suffer from diarrhea and vomiting. Others, however, won’t feel as sickly, experiencing lack of appetite, fever, and some abdominal pain. Because the animals may also expose the bacteria to humans, frail individuals such as the elderly, people with a compromised immune system, or very young children may experience serious health consequences.

Pregnant women may also experience miscarriages or stillbirths if exposed to the bacteria.

Food Recalls: Do Not Ignore The Risks

If you have the recalled items, stop feeding it to your pet. Keep the contaminated food our of reach of children, pets, and wildlife, or immediately discard it safely.

Take your pet to a veterinarian immediately if it consumed the contaminated food and if it presents any symptoms.


If you had the food in your house and someone was exposed to it or to a contaminated pet, contact your health care provider immediately.

For more information on this recall, follow this link.

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