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Yamaha Launches Recall Impacting Several Motorcycle Models

Not all recall campaigns impact passenger vehicles. Sometimes, even motorcycle brands get it wrong, and riders should not ignore these reports.

According to the latest report, Yamaha is recalling thousands of its 2018 motorcycle models over a potentially loosen part.

Because the bolts connecting the drive chain guard to the swingarm could loosen up, the chain guard may contact the drive chain. This could cause it to break, and the rider will lose control of the motorcycle.

To avoid accidents, motorcycle riders who own the 2018 Yamaha MT-07J, MT-07JC, XSR700J, and XSR700JC should beware of the risk. The company should send notices via mail to all riders. At dealers, staff will inspect the motorcycles and replace the chain guard mounting bolts entirely for free.

The official campaign already started, officials reported. Still, motorcycle riders who suspect they own the motorcycles that come with the defective parts can contact Yamaha. Reach out directly for more details.

Report Any Accident To Yamaha And NHTSA

Riders who own motorcycles listed under this recall should stay alert. If their vehicle is in an accident and the defect is to blame, they should contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration immediately to report it.

These reports help regulators to assess whether they should investigate further if the companies behind the recalls are not fixing the problems immediately. That’s why it’s important for car owners to report accidents tied to cars listed under open recalls.

If you own a vehicle, whether  that was listed under a recall campaign, act promptly to avoid accidents. Take your car to a dealer where it will be repaired promptly and for free. Or at least contact the manufacturer to ask whether you should act in a certain way to avoid crashes until a fix is available.

For more on the Yamaha motorcycle recall, follow this link.

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