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WSP: You Can’t Beat A Sobriety Test If You’re Drinking And Driving

In December 2017, authorities in Spokane, Washington, arrested over 130 drivers for intoxicated driving. On New Year’s Eve 2018, authorities warned locals that they would be back — and they were. Doing all in their power to make sure drivers were not drinking and operating their vehicles.

In the days leading up to New Year’s Eve, officials alerted drivers in Spokane that they were not playing around. And that if locals were planning on going out and having fun, they should remember: drinking and driving  is against the law. As such, drivers who drove while under the influence risked being arrested.

Part of their warning involved the message that nobody can cheat their field sobriety test. And that’s because one of the ways your body gives away that you drank alcohol is to involuntarily jerk your eye. Nystagmus, the name for the eye jerking, shows officers that you were drinking. So even if you think you can trick the system, this will give you away.

Other traits that may show that you are drunk include having a hard time removing their wallet from their pocket, dealing with the car door, or even unbuckling their seat belt. When drivers are intoxicated, these common actions can be quite difficult.

For officials looking for someone who’s drinking and driving, slurring is also a major red flag.

So if you believe that you can drink alcohol and drive, and when an officer pull you over you will manage to avoid going to jail by controlling yourself, think again.

Avoid Accidents And Legal Troubles By Not Drinking And Driving

Instead of trying to think up ways of cheating sobriety tests, officials tell Washingtonians, how about focusing on finding a designated driver?

Before you leave for a party or another get together, ask yourself if you plan on drinking. If the answer is yes, then leave your car in the garage.

Get a ride from a friend who will agree to stay sober to drive you back or use a ride-sharing app such as Uber or Lyft. You may also use public transportation depending on the location or hail a taxi cab.

Whatever you do, do not expose yourself and others to risk by drinking and driving.

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