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WSP: Wrong-Way Crashes Becoming A Bigger Concern Locally

Wrong-way accidents are turning into a problem in the Tri-Cities area, the Washington State Patrol (WSP) told reporters. 

According to the authorities, in the last four months alone, officials registered four deadly wrong-way crashes in the region. Most of the accidents, they added, happened on 1-182 and I-82. 

Calling it “a problem,” officials added that they have been seeing more of these types of accidents recently. In most cases, drivers who end up traveling the wrong way are either elderly or under the influence. 

WSP: Talk To Elderly Family Members To Help Avoid Wrong-Way Crashes

When discussing what Tri-Cities’ residents can do to help the elderly avoid wrong-way accidents, officials urged locals to chat with their parents and grandparents about any potential driving or medical issues. 

“For the family members you may have to have the tough conversation of possibly taking the driver’s license away from your elderly parents or grandparents if they are just not able to drive safely anymore,” one of the officials said.

In any case, officials urged all drivers to pay attention to road signs that tell you which way you should turn to avoid crashes. 

If You See Something, Call The Police

WSP officials also urged all drivers to keep an eye out for both intoxicated and wrong-way drivers. 

If you spot someone driving the wrong way, pull over and call 911 as fast as possible. When police are alerted immediately, they are more likely to respond promptly and help avoid a deadly collision. 

We also urge our clients and readers to do the same. If you see a driver acting erratically or driving the wrong way, report it to the police as soon as possible. 

Intoxicated driving isn’t just against the law. It is also deadly. Stay safe and help WSP officials keep Washington’s roads safe as well. 

For more on how law enforcement is working to help prevent wrong-way crashes, follow this link.

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