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WSP: Woman Who Suffered Serious Injuries Wasn’t Wearing Seat Belt

A woman from Pulsbo suffered serious injuries in an accident on Thursday, the Washington State Patrol reported. Unfortunately, officials claim she was not wearing her seat belt at the time.

According to several news outlets, the 31-year-old woman fell asleep behind the wheel while traveling on Highway 16. Just as she approached 16 miles east of Mullenix Road, she crashed. The fact she wasn’t wearing a seat belt made her vulnerable to injuries.

Due to the result, many Washington State Patrol troopers are urging drivers to pay attention at the rules. They are also urging them to never ignore the importance of seat belt use.

Recently, troopers explained, there has been an increased need to alert drivers of the risks associated with not wearing seat belts. In order to help Washingtonians stay safe, these troopers are urging drivers to buckle up or face the consequences.

Officials with the Washington State Traffic Commission say that 22% of all traffic deaths involve a victim who failed to follow the law by not fastening their seat belts. While the driver in the Thursday accident is under treatment for serious but not life-threatening injuries, not all victims can say the same. This reminds us that putting safety first means never ignoring the law.

WSP To Drivers: Fasten Your Seat Belts To Avoid Injuries

This month alone, WSP officials told reporters, at least one driver died and four others suffered serious injuries in District 8 because they did not fasten their seat belts. District 8 encompasses Clallam, Jefferson, Grays Harbors, Kitsap, Pacific, Wahkiakum, and Mason counties.

In early July, a man from Sequim died after a crash. Due to the impact and the lack of a seat belt, the man was ejected.

According to officials, if these drivers had simply followed the law, the result would have been different.

As personal injury attorneys, we see the pain and suffering drivers experience regularly because accidents like the one that happened Thursday. We know how much the victim and their loved ones suffer, and hope that the WSP message reaches far and wide.

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