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WSP: Woman Was Drinking And Driving Before Injury I-90 Accident

All too often, we hear of accidents happening in Washington that involve drunken drivers. Unfortunately, they often expose innocent people to injuries, which might even be serious.

Recently, a woman was in an accident with a Washington State Patrol trooper. And according to officials she was reportedly drinking and driving at the time of the crash.

The Interstate 90 accident involved a 32-year-old driver. She reportedly crashed into a trooper’s vehicle Sunday evening in Spokane Valley. She also hit a second trooper’s vehicle that was empty at the time. Before the Spokane County Superior Court, the driver pleaded not guilty to a felony charge vehicular assault. The trooper involved in the accident suffered serious injuries.

Court documents show that the driver admitted to drinking alcohol less than an hour before the accident.

Drinking And Driving Is Unacceptable

Drivers in Washington and across the country should know that drinking and driving is extremely dangerous.

When a driver operates a vehicle while intoxicated, he or she puts the lives of everyone sharing the road in danger. Because the driver’s motor skills are affected, it’s hard for him or her to properly deal with potential hurdles, other vehicles, and the traffic as a whole. The result is never pretty. So do not ignore this reality, as it will only lead to more danger.

In Washington, the law is clear: drinking and driving is never allowed.

If you’re going out and you know you will be drinking, have a designated driver. And if needed, have a ride ready to pick you up. Nowadays, it’s easy to find a ride with apps such as Uber and Lyft. And depending on where you’re going, you can also use public transit.

There’s no excuse to expose yourself and others to danger, so do not drink and drive. Even if you believe you are immune to accident risks.

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