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WSP To Ramp Up DUI Crackdown Until September

As we now ready for the end of summer, law enforcement in Washington is also readying for an uptick in car crashes. In order to help avoid possible increases, the Washington State Patrol along other 145 state agencies will be conducting extra patrols, targeting drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol up until September 4.

Last year, the WSP arrested over 12,000 drivers who were impaired while operating their vehicles. This number may seem outrageous, but it goes to show that Washington residents are still ignoring state laws while putting other people’s lives in grave danger.

Worse than the number of arrests is the number of deadly accidents involving DUI drivers.

In 2016, Washington saw 277 people die in crashes caused by impaired drivers. At least 286 others were seriously injured. According to law enforcement, these deaths occur more often during the summer.

To drivers and riders across the Evergreen state, this means that they should not only avoid driving while drunken or intoxicated because they can be caught, but also because the act may also lead to deadly accidents. Intoxication is a risk because it impairs the driver’s capabilities so he or she may not be capable of responding to possible emergencies promptly and correctly to avoid collisions.

Because this is the most deadly season for drivers in Washington, we believe that law enforcement’s efforts to help eradicate DUI are important and should not be ignored.

DUI Accidents Are On The Rise, Were You Impacted?

As personal injury attorneys in Washington with decades of experience, we understand the frustration these officers experience. We also know the pain that victims of DUI-related accidents experience.

We are sure that many drivers may not be fully aware but DUI, as well as distracted driving, are factors often associated with deadly accidents. If you’re a victim of either type of car or motorcycle accident, do not let the guilty party get away with it. Contact us if your accident took place in Washington for a free consultation. We want to help.

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