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WSP to Drivers: Get Ready for Winter Driving

Every year, Washington drivers are urged to pay attention to some of the risks more commonly associated with holiday driving. At these times of the year, we often hear about drivers and their tendency to become more distracted or tired because of the long hours they spend behind the wheel. We also urge drivers to avoid rushing, preferring to, instead, focus on planning ahead so that accidents do not occur.

But what many often ignore is that, as soon as we enter in the holiday season, we also enter the winter period.

With this in mind, many law enforcement agents are now urging drivers across the Evergreen state to drive like winter is here to stay.

These law enforcement agents are urging drivers to make sure their vehicles are cleared of frost or snow before leaving the curb. All too often, crashes occur because of poor visibility, which is an issue associated with the cold weather. On top of that, clear visibility helps the driver to respond to the environment in a more effective way.

Before hitting the road, drivers should make sure their vehicles are safe for travel. They must make sure their pair of wipers are in working condition, and that the winter tires in your car are properly inflated. During hazardous winter driving conditions, your vehicle must be well-maintained, especially because being stranded because of poor car conditions can be burdensome on your health if it happens in the middle of the winter.

But even if you do take care of your car properly, making sure that you’re prepared for whatever happens is also important

According to the Washington State Patrol, it’s important that drivers stock up with basic equipment such as shovels, scrapers, jumper cables or jump pack, traction devices, and tow chains or ropes. Also, keep in mind you should always wear proper boots and clothing for the season. While driving, increase following distances and make sure you’re aware you must allow additional time to get to your destination.

Whether you’re a veteran or a newbie, driving is a responsibility. Focus on making sure you’re ready for any circumstance by following these tips.

Click here to learn more about what the WSP is telling drivers about winter driving.

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