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WSP Releases List of Safety Tips for Work Zone Driving

All too often, drivers ignore the risks associated with speeding in work zones, putting their lives and the lives of their loved ones in serious danger.

In order to help address this problem, in the hopes that drivers across the state will have a better understanding of what driving safely means, the Washington State Patrol has decided to release a report listing a series of safety tips that would help drivers to avoid accidents in work zones.

Last year, at least 33 Washington State Patrol vehicles were hit by distracted drivers while officers were parked at construction zones, while conducting traffic stops, and while helping to clear a collision.

This year alone, at least 11 WSP vehicles have been involved in similar incidents while stopped on the side of the roads. Drivers seem to be failing to see WSP vehicles even with the emergency lights activated, which happens every time a WSP vehicle is stopped while on a road. In order to help restore safety to the roads, WSP officers are urging drivers to stay alert, put their phones away, and remember to never speed.

Slow down as soon as you see the signs noting that you’re entering a work zone.

Each year, Washington sees an average of 916 work zone injury incidents taking place on state roads. In most of these incidents, drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are the ones who get hurt.
As personal injury attorneys, we know how victims of auto accidents suffer. We also understand that healing is a process that, all too often, leaves deep scars. Instead of inviting more trouble, put safety first by avoiding some of the factors most commonly associated with accidents.

Avoid speeding, distracted driving, and make sure to stay alert whenever you see a work zone sign ahead. Some of the most serious and even deadly crashes out there are preventable. Do not let a tragic crash put your life and the lives of others in danger.

For more information on how the WSP is working to help drivers stay focused, follow this link for more details.

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