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WSP: Motorcycle Rider Rear-Ended In Pasco Accident

An accident involving a motorcycle rider in Pasco resulted in injuries, the Washington State Patrol reported. According to officials, a driver rear-ended the motorcyclist.

Reports show that a motorcycle rider traveling east on Interstate 182 near Road 68 on Friday on a 2019 Yamaha XTZ. At about 12:30 on Friday, a vehicle following behind hit the rider. Because of the incident, the rider sustained injuries. Officials did not disclose how serious the injuries were, however.

Aside from the rider, nobody else sustained any injuries.

Officials cited the 77-year-old driver involved in this accident for following too close.

We hope that the rider is recovering fully and quickly from his injuries.

Following Too Close Is Always Dangerous, But Even More So If You’re Following A Motorcycle

Drivers often ignore the risks associated with following too close, making accidents more likely to happen. It is important that all drivers learn from this accident and from the mistakes committed by others. And when it comes to following too close, the danger can be even more concerning as speeding vehicles may cause greater damage in the event of a collision.


If you’re a driver, you must keep this in mind at all times. Especially because following too close doesn’t only put your life in danger. It is also particularly dangerous to those driving ahead as well as everyone sharing the road.

In the case of the accident in Pasco, we understand that only the rider suffered injuries. But many other similar accidents end up sending more people to the hospital.

If you are serious about your safety and the safety of your loved ones, do not wait until you’re injured to be a safer driver. And if you’re a motorcycle rider, you can do your part as well to avoid accidents by riding defensively.

For more on the accident, you may follow this link. And to stay on top of other accident news in Washington, continue to follow our blog.

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