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WSP: Fatal 1-5 Accident Caused By Loose Mattress

A tragic accident involving a semi truck resulted in the death of one driver, news outlets reported. According to the police, the 20-year-old victim was driving north on I-5 in Mountlake Terrace when a mattress fell off an unidentified truck that was traveling in front of her. After striking the mattress, the woman then swerved, driving into a semi truck. The collision resulted in the driver’s death. 

No other injuries were reported.

After the deadly accident, officials started a search for the truck driver that was transporting the mattress prior to the accident. If you have any tips that can help officials find the driver, contact the Washington State Patrol (WSP) at (360) 654-1204.

Washington Law Says That Loads Must Be Properly Secured To Prevent Accidents

According to Washington state law, every vehicle driven on any public road carrying extra load must maintain all loads secure. That means that if a driver fails to fasten or attach his or her load with tarps, ropes, nets, chains, or other material that ensures nothing will become loose or detached while the vehicle is in motion, he or she is breaking the law. 

This tragic accident is a reminder to all drivers in Washington that when they fail to follow the law, they put lives at risk. 

Secure Your Load, Keep Your Vehicle Well Maintained To Avoid Accidents

The AAA urges drivers to take their vehicles to trained mechanics regularly for a checkup to avoid accidents. 

Too often, issues with the vehicles such as worn tires, rusty exhaust systems, or corroded hardware can lead to car parts becoming loose. Additionally, the association encourages drivers to use ropes, netting, or straps to secure their loads, and to always make sure large objects are tied directly to the vehicle. 

Covering loads with a sturdy tarp or netting and being mindful of weight limits can also help to prevent loads from becoming road debris. 

For more tips on how to avoid accidents involving loose loads, follow this link

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