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WSP Cracking Down On Drivers Who Follow Too Closely

In the Evergreen state, the Washington State Patrol is cracking down on drivers who are following too closely. This campaign hopes to ensure drivers who aren’t being serious about their saefty start taking it seriously. After all, many collisions that could be prevented happen because drivers are not aware that allowing some space between their car and the car ahead will help them to avoid crashes.

Las year, reports show, troopers investigated over 9,500 collisions associated with the practice of following too closely. Over the same period, more than 25,000 vehicles were pulled over precisely for committing this violation.

When you think about it, the number of drivers committing this violation is staggering. That’s why officials are dedicating so much manpower to put an end to this reality. After all, drivers should always remember that their safety and the safety of their loved ones depends on their awareness of road rules.

According to officials, this is a symptom. After all, distracted driving is also increasing. What it demonstrates, officials say, is that drivers are paying too much attention to the electronics in their cars to focus on the actual driving. As a result, they fail to realize that following too close could be deadly.

For drivers to be safe, they must remember that following too closely will prevent them from slowing down in time in case of an emergency ahead. If the traffic stops all of a sudden or slows down promptly because of an issue ahead, the driver will have a hard time avoiding a collision if he or she is allowing their vehicle to follow too close.

If you’re serious about your safety, be a responsible driver by never allowing your vehicle to follow too close to the vehicle ahead.

Click here for more details on this story. Until self-driving technology resolves all of our driving problems, stay alert.

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