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WSP Cited Over 1,600 Drivers For Carpool Lane Violations In One Week

When the Washington State Patrol announced that it would be cracking down on carpool lane violations, few thought that law enforcement would find so many drivers breaking the law. The reality is that more drivers than we think break road rules on a regular basis.

According to the WSP, only 17 troopers enforcing carpool lane laws in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties pulled over 1,756 violators, issuing 1,671 citations during just one week period.

At least 17 drivers received tickets on two different occasions, officials said. One of the drivers insisted on the mistake three times, getting three violations on three separate times.

Officials say many of the drivers who got citations took on desperate — and creative — attempts to use the carpool lanes against the law. Unfortunately for these drivers, law enforcement was ready to catch them.

This reminds us all in Washington that drivers continue to break rules to try to beat the traffic. It’s time Washington drivers understand that these actions are unacceptable.

Breaking Road Rules Such As Carpool Laws Lead To Trouble

Whether you drive above the speed limit or you use the carpool lane when you shouldn’t, there are both accident risks and legal risks you should beware of. If you do not want to end up getting a citation, or if putting your life in danger is not an option, follow traffic rules at all times.

WSP officials are always carrying out crackdowns on drivers breaking rules. This latest sting shows that drivers still go about their days as if officers were not paying attention.

If drivers want to stay safe and avoid trouble with law enforcement, they must follow the rules and act as if officials are always on the lookout.

For more on the many citations drivers got in just one week, follow this link.

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