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WSP: Check Your Tires To Avoid Accidents

When it comes to summer vacation, few really think about the risks associated with poor auto maintenance. But when the weather is hot, many car parts end up succumbing to the heat, causing drivers to be exposed to accident risks.

For that reason, the Washington State Patrol is concerned that the recent increase in the number of auto collisions related to blown-out tires is a trend that will continue to spread across the Evergreen state.

Hopefully, with the WSP’s tips on how to avoid these accidents, drivers will follow the recommendations so they are fully aware of the possible consequences of not making sure that tires are safe.

First and foremost, officials say, drivers must always make sure their tires are properly inflated before they leave the house. Purchase a tire gauge so you can always check how inflated the tires are regardless of where you are.

Before going on a long road trip, check the tires for any cracks or different types of damage such as bulges. If the tires present any issues, you should go to a mechanic or a tire professional to make sure that your tire is either repaired, in case the issue is minor, or fully replaced if needed.

Also, make sure you never overload your vehicle. If your car is carrying too much weight, it might overwhelm the tires, posing a major risk to your safety. In this case, the tires may fail and a crash may ensue.

In order to avoid other types of accidents, also check the tread depth in your tires. If your tires are too worn out, have them replaced before you hit the road — for your own safety and to avoid accidents.

Also, keep track of how old these tires are so you can avoid accidents caused by tire failure.

Drivers should also make sure that other aspects of their car are always well-maintained. They must change the oil regularly and never allow minor issues to go unaddressed. If so, these problems may snowball into major issues that could lead to serious accidents.

For more tips on how to avoid these accidents, follow this link for the WSP’s full report.

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