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Woman Survives Accident By Eating Pop Tarts And Bananas

Many accidents have tragic endings. As personal injury attorneys we have known too many of them to ignore this reality. But sometimes, accidents end up having a happy ending. Whenever these happen, we should report on them.

According to a series of news reports, a Washington state woman was found alive five days after her vehicle crashed. And the way she survived is nothing short of ingenius.

Reports claims that the 70-year-old had been missing since May 23 until Sunday, when she was found.

She had a medical emergency prior to the accident, which may have caused her to crash. She was stuck in her vehicle after it crashed down a ravine. She remained in place and survived by eating bananas and pop tarts. After she was found, she was flown to the hospital.

While we’re glad that the victim was found alive and is now under the care of a trained medical staff, it’s important that officials are able to identify exactly what may have happened prior to the accident so that others may learn from this particular accident.

We urge drivers with medical conditions who may pose a risk to never drive alone. If you take medications that may impair your capacity to drive, do not sit behind the wheel while on treatment. Check the state laws to see whether the treatment you’re under is listed as a substance that could impose serious impairment and that may put you in risk of being pulled over for a DUI.

Many drivers on strong medications may think they can drive without a problem while under the influence of these products, but the reality is that several types of drugs may cause severe impairment, causing drivers to become more susceptible to being involved in serious accidents.

Stay safe and focus on the road and avoid accidents.

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