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Woman Suffers Serious Injuries After Two-Car Crash In Seattle

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A Sunday car accident in Seattle sent a woman to the hospital with critical injuries, news outlets reported. The two-car collision sent one of the vehicles into the Puget Sound.

Officials: Driver Was Going At A ‘High Rate Of Speed’ Before Seattle Accident

The Seattle Fire Department told news outlets that the accident happened on Alki Avenue Southwest. At around 5:51 p.m., they explained, one driver crashed into a second vehicle, pushing it into Elliott Bay. The first car crashed into a building.

Following the crash, bystanders rushed to help pull the woman out of the sinking vehicle, performing CPR just before the police arrived. The woman was rushed to Harborview Medical Center sustaining life-threatening injuries.

Law enforcement agents told news outlets the man driving the first vehicle was going at a “high rate of speed” moments before crashing into the second car. He was also sent to the hospital but his injuries weren’t life-threatening. No other vehicles were involved in the crash.

Speeding Concerns Washington State Traffic Officials As Accidents Are On The Rise

As officials investigate this tragic collision, we hope Washington drivers understand the importance of following traffic laws.

Speeding is a leading factor in traffic accidents in Seattle as well as other areas in Washington state. With deadly accidents on the rise across the country, state officials are urging drivers to be cautious.

According to official statistics, traffic deaths increased 39% between 2019 and 2022 in the Evergreen state. In 2021 alone, preliminary data shows, officials registered 750 deadly traffic accidents. Unfortunately, pedestrians are the most vulnerable.

“In 2021, 146 pedestrians were killed and that is the highest number on record for any single year,” Director of Washington’s Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) Shelly Baldwin told news outlets.

In order to help prevent accidents, officials are looking into strategies to help better educate Washington drivers and test their ability to properly assess risks while on the road.

If you’re a driver, drive safely by keeping your eyes on the road, respecting posted speed limits, and never driving while intoxicated or distracted.

For more information on the two-car accident, follow this link.

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